Building a new global industry takes dedication, commitment, and the hands of many talented people. Member companies of the HomePlug® Alliance dedicate their resources to help accelerate and broaden the multiple markets for powerline connectivity.

HomePlug Alliance is a group of companies working together to develop technology specifications and certification & logo programs for powerline networking. HomePlug Alliance brings together the individual researchers, technologists, strategic thinkers, market experts, business decision-makers and product developers, and unites them in a common goal: to create a global environment where powerline communications can thrive.

Here’s how it happens:

Members of the HomePlug Alliance foresee a need that they believe powerline communications (PLC) technology can meet… homeplugmembers.jpg spec-graphic.jpg …and conduct research and create the market requirements, technical specifications, and tests for a new powerline technology.
Once a technology specification is completed and ratified by members of the Alliance… approved.jpg chip.jpg …multiple semiconductor companies implement the specifications and produce chips that contain HomePlug™ technology.
HomePlug member companies enact marketing programs to create awareness about HomePlug technologies and… marketing.jpg products.jpg …product manufacturers use HomePlug Certified semiconductors to design products that easily connect to each other.
The HomePlug Alliance offers certification testing to its member companies, and creates the HomePlug certification mark… cert_logo_129x150.png shopping.jpg …so people who buy and use HomePlug products are assured they all work together seamlessly.
HomePlug members continually broaden the applications of HomePlug technology… planningahead.jpg green-home.jpg …into new markets such as 4K Ultra HDTV, smart home and more.