The Alliance is comprised of three company membership classes: Sponsors, Participants, and Adopters.

Sponsors are the leaders of HomePlug® and form the Board of Directors.

Participants are associate members who help shape the powerline technology specifications and marketing development by participating and contributing to working groups.

Adopters are associate members who wish to implement the HomePlug powerline technology in their products and services. These members are invaluable in helping meet the market demands for powerline technology.

Representatives from the member companies collaborate together in working groups; here is the structure:


Worldwide Marketing Working Group (MWG)  contact chair
Manages the public relations, events, web, collateral and all other marketing activities for the Alliance.

Certification Working Group (CWG)  contact chair
Creates processes, plans and specifications for testing chips, devices and products to be compliant with HomePlug specifications and IEEE standards. Sets policies and benchmarks for achieving HomePlug Certification.

Technical Working Group (TWG)  contact chair
Creates specifications for standardization of powerline networking such as HomePlug AV, Green PHY™ (GP) and HomePlug AV2. Current sub-working groups include the AV TWG and GP TWG.

Netricity™ PLC/1901.2 Task Force (NarrowBand [NB] WG)  contact chair
Supports development of the certification program for products based on the IEEE 1901.2 standard for low-frequency, narrow-band powerline communications.

Regulatory Working Group (RWG)  contact chair
Responsible for strategy and execution of programs that ensure HomePlug technologies and directions are aligned with worldwide regulatory requirements.

HomePlug Board of Directors (BoD)  contact chair
Leads Alliance's strategy and decision-making. BoD and Officers are listed here with contact information.