Established in 2000, HomePlug® is the largest worldwide organization of companies for the creation and promotion of specifications for powerline communications. Over 200 million HomePlug™ devices have shipped. HomePlug membership puts you at the cutting edge of home networking.

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  • Drive the requirements and development of HomePlug technology:  All Sponsor and Participant members can participate in HomePlug Technical Working Groups where many leading companies contribute to the creation of next generations of powerline technology.
  • Network and Collaborate: By joining the HomePlug Alliance, you become part of HomePlug's "ecosystem", which spans the industry. By networking within the Alliance, you can leverage HomePlug to generate new business opportunities.
  • Access powerline technology specifications: All HomePlug members receive access to released HomePlug specifications. Additionally, companies that are HomePlug Participant or Sponsor members may participate in technical workgroups and contribute to HomePlug technology specifications and have access to the development process of the specifications. (further details below)
  • Get your products HomePlug Certified: The Alliance has been testing and certifying powerline products since 2001. HomePlug certification is the most trusted assurance of powerline communications interoperability.
  • Utilize HomePlug marketing resources: Together, the Alliance and its members spend millions of dollars each year to promote the adoption of HomePlug technology for powerline communications. The members of the HomePlug Alliance work together to actively market the benefits of HomePlug technology. Member companies may actively participate in the HomePlug Marketing Working Group (MWG) and help to steer Alliance marketing programs, participate in Alliance press releases, develop and use Alliance collateral, have access to participation in HomePlug showcases and industry events, and work to promote HomePlug technology by highlighting their products and their company by participating in these programs.
  • Take advantage of RAND technology licensing: Many companies throughout the world have technology and patents that relate to powerline communication. HomePlug provides a technology licensing umbrella to its members and all HomePlug members agree to license their powerline technology that is used to implement the HomePlug specifications to all other HomePlug members on a reasonable and non-discriminatory basis (RAND). Simply stated, when a company joins HomePlug and implements the HomePlug specifications in products, it reduces its risk of issues with powerline technology licensing.

HomePlug Working Groups (participation open to Participant and Sponsor members):

  • Certification Working Group (CWG): Creates processes, plans and specifications for testing chips, devices and products to be compliant with HomePlug specifications and IEEE standards. Sets policies and benchmarks for achieving HomePlug Certification.
  • Technical Working Group (TWG): Creates specifications for standardization of powerline networking such as HomePlug™ AV, Green PHY™ (GP) and HomePlug™ AV2. Current sub-working groups include the AV TWG and GP TWG.
  • Netricity™ PLC/1901.2 Task Force (NarrowBand [NB] WG): Supports development of the certification program for products based on the IEEE 1901.2 standard for low-frequency, narrow-band powerline communications.
  • Regulatory Working Group (RWG): Responsible for strategy and execution of programs that ensure HomePlug technologies and directions are aligned with worldwide regulatory requirements.
  • HomePlug Board of Directors (BoD): For Sponsor members only. Leads Alliance's strategy and decision-making.

To join HomePlug, please visit this page, or send an email to help@homeplug.

Is your company just getting started? HomePlug now offers an entry-level, discounted first year of Adopter membership for companies whose annual revenues are less than $1 million. To inquire about this option, please email membership@homeplug.

Membership Benefit Participant
$15,000 per year
$5,000 per year
Special offer for first year of HomePlug membership
$9,500 for 1st year $3,500 for 1st year
Contribute to the development of the HomePlug Specification Image - checkmark.gif  
Make claims for intellectual property included in HomePlug specification Image - checkmark.gif  
Early access to HomePlug Specifications Image - checkmark.gif  
Attend Technical Committee Meetings
  • Early access to HomePlug specification
  • Input into specification evolution
  • Access to Technical e-mail reflector
  • Contribute IP to specifications
  • Access to Technical Committee e-mail reflectors
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Attend Marketing Committee Meetings
  • Plan HomePlug marketing and promotion activities
  • Exhibit HomePlug certified product on the HomePlug Pavilion
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Attend Member Meetings Image - checkmark.gif Image - checkmark.gif
Access to Members Only area of web site Image - checkmark.gif Image - checkmark.gif
Display HomePlug certified logo for products on your website and collateral Image - checkmark.gif Image - checkmark.gif
Access specification prior to publication Image - checkmark.gif  
Attend Plugfest events Image - checkmark.gif If your product is being tested
Enter products in Plugfest events Image - checkmark.gif Image - checkmark.gif
Attend Annual Meetings Image - checkmark.gif Image - checkmark.gif
Mention in select HomePlug Press Releases Image - checkmark.gif Image - checkmark.gif
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