Companies in the services, content, retail, service provider, operator, hardware, software, semiconductor sectors are invited to join the HomePlug® Alliance to further establish powerline connectivity and the realization of the connected home. 

As an open alliance, HomePlug welcomes new associate members. The two levels of associate membership are Participant and Adopter and the attributes and benefis are listed in the table below.

To join the Alliance, please complete the following steps:

    1.  Fill out and submit the Membership Web Form

    2.  Download then review, execute and send in the respective Membership agreements 

Download the Icon Adopter Associate's Agreement (680.7 KB)  and Certification & Trademark Agreement
Download the Icon Participant Associate's Agreement (552.9 KB)  and Certification & Trademark Agreement

3.  After the form and agreements have been received, you will receive an invoice for the membership fees. 

Information on payment options, including wire transfer instructions, is included on the invoice.

For questions regarding memberships please contact us at:

    Phone/Fax: +1.503.766.2516

 For other questions related to HomePlug, please contact the President: Rob Ranck:

    Phone: +1.503.521.1056

Download the Icon HomePlug Bylaws (214.9 KB)

If your company is already a member of the Alliance, you can gain access to the members-only area of this site by signing up for an account.

Is your company just getting started? HomePlug now offers an entry-level, discounted first year of Adopter membership for companies whose annual revenues are less than $1 million. To inquire about this option, please email membership@homeplug.

Membership Benefit Participant
$15,000 per year
$5,000 per year
Special offer for first year of HomePlug membership
$9,500 for 1st year $3,500 for 1st year
Contribute to the development of the HomePlug Specification checkmark.gif  
Make claims for intellectual property included in HomePlug specification checkmark.gif  
Early access to HomePlug Specifications checkmark.gif  
Attend Technical Committee Meetings
  • Early access to HomePlug specification
  • Input into specification evolution
  • Access to Technical e-mail reflector
  • Contribute IP to specifications
  • Access to Technical Committee e-mail reflectors
Attend Marketing Committee Meetings
  • Plan HomePlug marketing and promotion activities
  • Exhibit HomePlug certified product on the HomePlug Pavilion
checkmark.gif checkmark.gif
Attend Member Meetings checkmark.gif checkmark.gif
Access to Members Only area of web site checkmark.gif checkmark.gif
Display HomePlug certified logo for products on your website and collateral checkmark.gif checkmark.gif
Access specification prior to publication checkmark.gif  
Attend Plugfest events checkmark.gif If your product is being tested
Enter products in Plugfest events checkmark.gif checkmark.gif
Attend Annual Meetings checkmark.gif checkmark.gif
Mention in select HomePlug Press Releases checkmark.gif checkmark.gif
Link to company on HomePlug Web Site checkmark.gif checkmark.gif