包括全球最大的一些半导体生产商在内的一个主题演讲使团于 2012 年 2 月 28 日来到北京,并于 2012 年 3 月 1 日来到深圳,发表针对使用家庭线路网络通讯的 HomePlug 技术最新进展相关介绍。 下面是这些技术峰会的概述。 

A delegation of keynote speakers, including some of the largest semiconductor manufacturers globally, came to Beijing on February 28th, 2012 and Shenzhen on March 1st, 2012 to present on the latest advancements in HomePlug® technology for network communications using the home’s electrical wiring. Following is an overview of these technology summits.

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深圳迎来了 200 多名现场注册参会者,而北京迎来了近 150 位。
Onsite registration welcomed over 200 attendees in Shenzhen and nearly 150 in Beijing.   

我们很高兴看到包括服务供应商、原始设备制造商/原始设计制造商、CE 和智能能源公司等在内的各种企业参会。
We were happy to see such a great mix of companies including Service Providers, OEMs/ODMs, CE and Smart Energy companies.   
参会者语录: “请继续举办这样的高质量峰会,未来在中国分享更多的案例研究。”
Attendee quote: "Please keep conducting such high quality summits and share more case studies in China in the future."

Rob Ranck(HomePlug 联盟主席)在“HomePlug 生态系统和市场概览”期间介绍了旨在满足对整个家庭连接的爆炸性需求的 HomePlug 举措。
Rob Ranck (HomePlug Alliance President) presented HomePlug’s initiatives aimed at meeting the exploding demand for whole home connectivity during the “HomePlug Ecosystem & Market Overview.”  
 Txema Ogara(Broadcom)讨论了针对整个家庭娱乐分布的 HomePlug AV 产品的成熟性、交互性和采用情况。 
Txema Ogara (Broadcom) discussed the maturity, interoperability and adoption of HomePlug AV products for whole home entertainment distribution.
运营商/服务供应商采用 HomePlug AV 取得的成功极好地验证了该技术(被 30 家运营商部署)。 Brian Tsui(LEA)介绍了运营商采用来自 SFR、Orange/France Telecom、Chunghwa Telecom、Freesat 和 Free 的 HomePlug AV 取得的成功故事。
Operator/Service Provider success using HomePlug AV is a huge validation of the technology (deployments by more than 30 operators). Brian Tsui (LEA) presented Operator success stories using HomePlug AV from SFR, Orange/France Telecom, Chunghwa Telecom, Freesat and Free.

Purva Rajkotia(Qualcomm Atheros)讨论了混合网络结合 HomePlug 性能和 Wi-Fi 的灵活性带来的优势和近期进展。 随着 IEEE 按照 IEEE 1905.1 对混合网络的近期验证,以及对运营商和客户令人信服的价值主张,客户有望在近期看到混合产品的广泛增长。   
Purva Rajkotia (Qualcomm Atheros) discussed the benefits and recent momentum around Hybrid networking combining HomePlug performance and Wi-Fi mobility. With the recent validation of hybrid networking by the IEEE per IEEE 1905.1, and the compelling value proposition for operators and consumers, consumers can expect to see extensive growth in hybrid products in the near future. 

Caleb Banke(HomePlug 营销工作组主席)利用数家制造商(包括 Cisco、D-Link 和 NETGEAR)的 HomePlug 认证产品和 3 家不同的硅制造商(Broadcom、MStar 和 Qualcomm)演示了高清视频和音频串流。
Caleb Banke (HomePlug Marketing WorkGroup Chair) demonstrates HD video and audio streaming using several manufacturers’ HomePlug Certified products (including Cisco, D-Link and NETGEAR) and chipsets from 3 different silicon manufacturers (Broadcom, MStar & Qualcomm). 
该演示利用混合产品展示了使用 HomePlug 和 Wi-Fi 组合以促进性能或使用无线范围扩展器扩展 Wi-Fi 覆盖范围的价值。  
The demo utilized hybrid product to show the value of using a combination of HomePlug & Wi-Fi to boost performance or extend the range of Wi-Fi using a wireless range extender. 

午餐(HomePlug 联盟的补充)为参会者提供了机会,互相讨论晨会和网络相关主题。
Lunch – complements of HomePlug Alliance – gave attendees a chance to discuss the topics of the morning sessions and network with one another.
产品展示包括来自 Aztech、Belkin、Cisco、Devolo、D-Link、Gigafast、LEA、Monster、NETGEAR、Western Digital、Zyxel 等各家公司的可供零售产品。
Product showcases included retail available products from a number of companies including Aztech, Belkin, Cisco, Devolo, D-Link, Gigafast, LEA, Monster, NETGEAR, Western Digital, Zyxel and more.

Oleg Logvinov(STMicroelectronics)核实了 HomePlug AV2 规格的众多引人注目的特色。该规格适用于提供扩展的性能和覆盖范围的千兆级电力线(由实地试验验证)。
Oleg Logvinov (STMicroelectronics) reviewed the many compelling features of the HomePlug AV2 Specification for Gigabit-class powerline providing expanded performance and coverage (validated by real world field testing).
HomePlug 认证标志已成为电力线网络产品可靠性的重要行业验证途径。 Hervé Mary(LAN)宏观介绍了通过 HomePlug 认证能够带来的市场意识、交互性和质量优势。 
The HomePlug Certified logo has become an important industry validation of reliability for powerline networking products. Hervé Mary (LAN) gave an overview of the market awareness, interoperability and quality benefits of being HomePlug Certified.
作为额外赠品,每次会议后,HomePlug 产品都会作为 HomePlug“幸运抽奖”的部分内容送出。
As an added bonus, HomePlug products were given away after each session as part of the HomePlug “Lucky Draw.”

Rob Ranck 开启了智能能源/电网会议,他在会议开头介绍了 HomePlug 的“绿色”技术(HomePlug Green PHY 和 Netricity)和联络伙伴(Wi-Fi Alliance、ZigBee Alliance 和 EPRI - 电力科学研究院)。
Rob Ranck kicked off the Smart Energy/Grid session by introducing HomePlug’s “green” technologies (HomePlug Green PHY and Netricity) and liaison partners (Wi-Fi Alliance, ZigBee Alliance and EPRI - Electric Power Research Institute).

Benson Liu(Greenvity Communications)介绍了智能电网市场趋势/预测,这些都证明了 HomePlug Green PHY 产品作为联网家庭一部分有机会获得巨大增长。
Benson Liu (Greenvity Communications) presented smart grid market trends/projections which validate the huge growth opportunity for HomePlug Green PHY products as part of the connected home.
用于联网家庭的 HomePlug Green PHY 的关键特性是其与 HomePlug 多媒体技术(AV 和 AV2)的交互性。 Scott Willy(MStar Semiconductor)讨论了 HomePlug Green PHY 的技术属性及其在保持可靠性和覆盖范围的同时取得低复杂度、低能源和成本的目标。 
A key attribute of HomePlug Green PHY for the connected home is its interoperability with HomePlug’s multimedia technologies (AV & AV2). Scott Willy (MStar Semiconductor) discussed the technical attributes of HomePlug Green PHY and its target requirements of low complexity, power and cost while maintaining reliability and coverage.

起家主要汽车生产商支持适用于电动汽车充电基础设施的 Green PHY,这一点极好地验证了 HomePlug Green PHY。 Albrecht Pfeiffer(BMW)来华讨论了 ISO/IEC 15118 车辆到电网通讯接口的细节问题。
A huge validation of HomePlug Green PHY is seven major car manufacturers supporting Green PHY for Electric Vehicle Charging infrastructure. Albrecht Pfeiffer (BMW) came to China to discuss the specifics of the ISO/IEC 15118 Vehicle to grid communication interface.
对于家庭范围外的电力线应用,Oleg Logvinov 介绍了 Netricity PLC 的价值和状况。Netricity PLC 是 HomePlug 为符合 IEEE 1901.2 标准进行的认证和品牌化计划。
For powerline applications outside the home, Oleg Logvinov presented the value and status of Netricity PLC, the HomePlug certification and branding program for compliance to the IEEE 1901.2 Standard.
Rob Ranck 鼓励与会各方加入 HomePlug 联盟,从而利用 HomePlug 高速多媒体和智能能源/电网技术的发展势头。会议由此闭幕。
Rob Ranck closed the final session by encouraging the attendees to become involved with the HomePlug Alliance so that they could leverage the momentum behind HomePlug’s high speed multimedia and smart energy/grid technologies. 

One more “Lucky Draw” before the event officially concluded. 

The presenters addressed questions from engaged attendees throughout the day at each event.

问答 Q&A

问答 Q&A