Using HomePlug technology is an exercise in simplicity. Imagine: Entering your house, you unpack and plug in your newly purchased flat-panel TV. Simply and quickly - the TV automatically connects to the cable box, the DVD player, the Digital Video Recorder, the Home Theater system, and also to the Internet.

The member companies of the HomePlug Alliance are making sure that the above scenario can happen today. By developing industry-standard specifications for powerline communications technologies, HomePlug allows you to plug in… and simply connect.


Products based on the HomePlug AV and HomePlug AV2 specifications can bridge an existing networking technology (such as a wireless or Ethernet network) and your home's power lines. There's no longer a need to consider running Ethernet cables for reliable wired connectivity - no new wiring is needed! Simply set the security password on all your units, and plug them in. Connect one adapter to your broadband router. Place other HomePlug adapters elsewhere in your home to add an Ethernet connection anywhere. All of your HomePlug devices can now communicate with each other and securely pass data around your home. 

HomePlug Certified products use your home's power lines - which are already installed - as a path to send high-speed digital data such as digital video and multi-channel audio. Plus, there are HomePlug products that combine Wi-Fi wireless networking. This means that you can extend your wireless network to high performance anywhere in your home.

As a consumer, you want the products you buy to connect without hassle, while maintaining privacy. HomePlug products interface with numerous networking technologies to support entertainment and computing products, making HomePlug networks the high-speed backbone of affordable home networking solutions.

Many affordable HomePlug Certified products are available today throughout the world. HomePlug Certified products have high speeds, robust quality-of-service (QoS), and excellent security. You can use them to create a fast and secure home network that is available at every power outlet in your home. 

HomePlug technology is also being built in to a wide variety of consumer electronics, allowing you to "plug in" to a whole new generation of digital entertainment, home security, and smart home applications.