To address the clear trend of mobile devices becoming the controller for consumers “digital life,” HomePlug technologies seamlessly integrate with Wi-Fi to ensure whole home wired/wireless high speed broadband and IoT connectivity.

Today’s Smart Home is evolving rapidly and has a number of characteristics which fit well with HomePlug® technology. In the past, home automation and management was commonly set up on a separate, home control network with its own communication protocols, control consoles and applications. But with the advent of the smart phone and connected tablets, more and more consumers want to control their Smart Homes via mobile devices and monitor status when away from home. The obvious solution is to merge a home’s broadband network with the home control network for seamless connectivity of all devices, everywhere in a Smart Home. In other words, the “Internet of Things,” meaning connections for various smart appliances and controls throughout the home, is merging with the home’s high speed broadband network.


As the average home becomes a media hub, a robust home network is needed to support it. Streaming videos on TVs or computers, online gaming, HDTV and multiple devices running high bandwidth applications throughout the house are becoming the norm, putting enormous pressure on the home network. 

HomePlug has the interoperable solution for the Smart, Connected Home. HomePlug Green PHY™ technology is low cost and ideally suited for smart appliance and home control applications. The benefits of HomePlug AV as a reliable communications technology for high bandwidth distribution of entertainment-grade HD video, gaming, and internet access has been experienced by millions of consumers and endorsed by dozens of service providers. HomePlug AV2 ups the ante with impressive gains in coverage and performance.