Message from the President

I am honored to represent the membership of the HomePlug® Powerline Alliance at meetings and conferences all over the world. It is with great pride that I can tell people from other organizations and companies of the great things that members of the HomePlug alliance have achieved.

The world's top newspapers and magazines are covering powerline communications daily, which is spurring the interest of analysts, the investment community, and a variety of established standards organizations. They are excited about the worldwide sales of HomePlug 1.0 products, and about how quickly the HomePlug AV and BPL specification processes are moving.

The HomePlug AV specification process has made incredible progress. Members of the board-appointed Pre-specification Working Group have taken the best parts of several proposed technologies, and molded them into the best powerline technology offering anywhere. I'd like to personally recognize the members of the PSWG (listed below) who made the advanced preliminary specification so complete. The spec is currently being examined and modified by the Specification Working Group who held their first face-to-face meeting just recently. I cordially welcome old friends and new to this group.

The alliance continues to focus on creating a unified and harmonized marketplace. There is a lot of exciting work ahead, and the participation of our members is the key to our success.

In my meetings with other organizations, I am glad to report that the HomePlug alliance is a leading organization, well respected for its world-class spec development. It is our goal to maintain that position.

The alliance can benefit from the participation of the additional members in our marketing, specification, and technical working groups, and with membership development, liaison activities, and many other areas.

Working together we can accomplish many things. It is an exciting time and I am glad to be a part of it.

Best Regards,
Oleg Loginov
Board President

Thanks to the Pre-Specification Working Group.
Conexant: Jim Petranovich, Joe Meditz, Chan Park, Min Wang, Vlad Dorfman, Daniel Payer, Neal Riedel, George Peponides, Cenk Kose, Bill Schirmer, Chris Cooke
Earthlink: Brian Wenger
Intellon: Larry Yonge, Srinivas Katar, Ehab Tahir, Brad Lynch
Sharp Labs: Sherman Gavette, Deepak Ayyagari, Tony Chan, Song-lin Young, Dan Park
Arkados: Dave Lawrence, Brion Ebert

Technology: Broadband Powerline (BPL) Standards

If you've been attuned to the announcements from the HomePlug Powerline Alliance, you're well aware that we've started an effort to create a specification for Broadband Powerline technology. This technology allows your Utility company to use power lines to deliver Internet access to your home, whereas existing HomePlug technology has traditionally been used to create a network between devices inside your home.

Our BPL effort is following the HomePlug specification process through the Access-BPL Working Group. The first task of this group is to develop a Market Requirements Document (MRD), which will define the requirements of the technology from the point of view of the electric utility, network operator, and service providers industries.

While HomePlug v1.0 technology (and expectedly HomePlug AV to follow) has been successfully deployed in both BPL trials and commercial BPL launches in the U.S. (for example, by Cinergy and Current Networks in Cincinatti, OH), the HomePlug BPL Specification will expand on these existing HomePlug versions. In particular, the HomePlug BPL Specification will address such issues as network and element management, service provisioning and other criteria being defined in the HomePlug BPL MRD.

The first open meeting in the development of the HomePlug BPL MRD was recently held at the annual UPLC Conference in Washington, D.C. Various electric utilities, service providers, technology integrators and chip manufacturers were in attendance. Follow up working group meetings and conference calls are being held.

Additionally, the HomePlug Board of Directors has created a new level of membership in the Alliance that is designed specifically for utility companies, called the Power Utility Membership Group (PUMG). This HomePlug alliance membership level allows utilities to participate in HomePlug Working Groups and on specific HomePlug committees.

If your company would like to participate in the HomePlug BPL MRD process, please contact the HomePlug BPL Working Group chairman, Brian Wenger (EarthLink), at brianwgi_mail_protect [at] or 626-351-7169.

Technology: HomePlug AV Update

The specification process for HomePlug AV continues to march forward. The advanced preliminary specification was released into the Specification Working Group (SWG) at the end of October.

The technical highlights of HomePlug AV include:

  • 200-Mbps class networking, enough to carry multiple HDTV programs around a house.
  • An advanced Physical Layer that offers near-capacity throughput performance and exceptional coverage for robust communications over noisy power line channels.
  • A high-efficiency MAC layer that incorporates both scheduled access (TDMA) with Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees, and contention access (CSMA). Features that are a must for the demands of multi-media content delivery include guaranteed bandwidth reservation, tight control of latency and jitter, and high reliability.
  • Advanced Network Management functions and facilities capable of supporting plug-and-play, user and service provider set-up and configuration.
  • Co-existence modes enabling Broadband over Powerline (BPL) co-existence, multi-network operation, hidden node service, and backward compatibility with HomePlug 1.0 technology
  • If your company is a participant member of the HomePlug alliance, please contact us to participate in the development of this very exciting specification.

Marketing Working Group Update

The HomePlug alliance's Marketing Working Group has the opportunity to bring a great technology to market, and help to promote a vital and active organization!

We have an extraordinary push going on in the MWG right now. Have you noticed the new logo? The alliance's new "open house" logo represents the open organization where great technologies are created, and mirrors the simplicity of using HomePlug-certified products. New certification logos will follow. Get involved now, and help us design them!

Here's just a taste of some of the other projects that are causing all our excitement:

  • Launch HomePlug AV
  • Promote the new logo for the Alliance
  • Appear at three major trade shows in the next few months
  • Promote our new members and our new levels of HomePlug membership
  • Develop new collateral and presentations for HomePlug members
  • Tell the world about our new standards effort for BPL

We're trying to squeeze all those activities in between the press and analyst interviews, speaking opportunities all over the world, our liaisons with other international organizations, and the launch of a new HomePlug website.

CES 2005 and CeBIT 2005 will be big shows for the HomePlug alliance. With the final specification of HomePlug AV just around the corner, we'll be that much closer to seeing HomePlug technology embedded inside all kinds of consumer electronic products. It will be a very exciting time, and the realization of the visionaries who started this organization over four years ago.

If you're a HomePlug member company with certified products, we want to work with you! We have constant requests from the journalists and analysts for trial products that can put your name right under the nose of some very influential folks.

We're always looking to add the talents of new people to our marketing team. If you'd like to join the excitement, please drop Jim Reeber a line at jreebergi_mail_protect [at]

Organization News

Welcome our new members to the Alliance since May 2004:

Amigo Technology
Duke Power
Leviton Manufacturing Company
KraftCom GmbH
EchoStar Technologies Corporation
Elcon Systemtechnnik GmbH
Sony Corporation
ZyXEL Communications Corporation

Where can you find the HomePlug Powerline Alliance?

Recently, HomePlug alliance members have been representing the Alliance at a number of shows and conferences. From Shenzen, China to Alexandria, Virgina, members are helping to get our message out.

HomePlug alliance members will also be at the following upcoming 2005 shows:

2005 CES
January 6 - 9 
Las Vegas, Nevada
Speakers: various HomePlug alliance speakers
Booth #26422

2005 CeBit
March 10 - 16
Hannover, Germany

Call for Membership Participation at CES 2005 and CeBit 2005
The HomePlug Marketing Working committee would like to request your assistance in preparation for the launch of the AV specification at CES 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 6- 9 and CeBit 2005 in Hannover, Germany, March 10-16.

We are looking for volunteers to staff the booth, as well as potential product demonstrations. If you are interested in participating in either of these activities, please contact rbouchergi_mail_protect [at] for additional details.

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Press Releases

San Ramon, CA - October 21, 2004
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San Ramon, CA - October 13, 2004
HomePlug® AV Specification Enters Final Stage

San Ramon, CA - September 8, 2004
HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Endorses Net-atHome 2004

San Ramon, CA - July 26, 2004
HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Sheds Light on Standardization at Broadband over Power Line Conference

San Ramon, CA - July 19, 2004
HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Invites Industry Professionals to Develop Standard for Broadband Powerline Technology

San Ramon, CA - June 30, 2004
Member Companies of the HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Applaud President Bush's Innovation Agenda


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