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HomePlug Product Spotlight

Aztech HL109E 200Mbps HomePlug AV Ethernet Adaptor with Simple Connect

The Aztech HL109E 200Mbps HomePlug Powerline Adapter with "Simple Connect" provides No New Wires communications to any rooms, over any powerline wires, at speeds of up to 200Mbps – using the “Simple Connect” push button!  The Aztech HL109E "Simple Connect" enables automated unique password generation, making pairing up two or more HL109E units securely simple with three easy steps.

With transfer rates of 200Mbps, the Aztech adapter can easily support full multimedia home networking throughout the whole house, including simultaneous HD and SD video distribution, whole-house audio, VoIP and high-speed Internet, as well as data networking.

Read what the industry is saying about HomePlug Technology!

“I tried Actiontec's MegaPlug AV 200 Mbps Ethernet Adapter Kit…I wondered if the MegaPlug gear would work in my office, loaded with uninterruptible power supplies and filtered power strips. Maybe these devices--or any device emitting an RF signal--would affect the MegaPlug units. No need to worry; nothing bothered the MegaPlug device.”

- PC World, Steve Bass

Technical Papers

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HomePlug AV 1.0
Technology Whitepaper

PLC Cross Phase Coupling: Click here

Recent Events

2008 International CES
January 7-10, 2008
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las VegasNevada

CCNC 2008
January 10 - 12, 2008
Las Vegas, Nevada

Connections Europe
December 4-6, 2007
Berlin, Germany

MoCA Technology Conference & Open House
November 14-15, 2007
Renaissance Austin
Austin, Texas 

Upcoming Events

DistribuTECH 2008
January 22-24, 2008
Tampa Convention Center
Tampa, Florida

CeBIT 2008
March 4-9, 2008

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President’s Letter

Matthew Theall, Intel Corporation

matt_theall.jpgThe past few months have been very eventful for the HomePlug Powerline Alliance!
In November, the Alliance's European efforts were at full steam with major events: we hosted our 2007 HomePlug European Seminar in conjunction with Net-atHome 2007. Some of the notable Net-atHome presentations included a keynote from myself on the future of powerline technology; Andy Melder (Intellon), who hosted a panel entitled “10 Killer Applications for the Connected Home,” which included Warner Fehn (devolo) and others; Avner Matmor (Yitran), who hosted a panel entitled “Technological Breakthroughs for the Connected Home,” which included Radomir Jovanovic (SPiDCOM) and others; Oleg Logvinov (Arkados), who hosted a panel entitled “10 Countries, One Connected World,” which included multiple speakers from countries around the world. HomePlug members also had many product demonstrations on display at both shows that highlighted the versatility and performance of HomePlug products. Additionally, HomePlug held a European press tour where we met with the media in three different countries – France, Germany and the UK. With CeBIT coming up in March, HomePlug’s European efforts and presence will continue to flourish.

HomePlug is also continuing to make good progress towards establishing an IEEE standard for powerline. As mentioned in our last newsletter, only the merged HomePlug/Panasonic proposal remains in the IEEE P1901 work group for in-home and access powerline communication technologies. HomePlug has had many conference calls and in-person meetings with access companies and others, to understand their requirements and ensure they are comprehended in the joint proposal. Our goal is to end up with a powerline technology that is fully interoperable with HomePlug AV that also meets the industries needs for unique access features. As we move towards a confirmation vote in IEEE 1901, we will continue to keep you posted on these exciting developments.

Finally, last week the HomePlug Alliance and our member company sponsors Arkados, Asoka, GigaFast, Intellon, ST&T, Yitran, and ZyXEL demonstrated some great new products and technology at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Congratulations to ZyXEL whose HomePlug-based P660HWP all-in-one ADSL2+ gateway with built-in HomePlug AV and Wi-FI was named a CES Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Honoree in the Home Networking Product category. Additionally, G4 honored member companies Arkados and IOGEAR by naming the IOGEAR Powerline Audio System, which uses an Arkados system-on-chip solution, a CES 2008 “Best of the Best” product. From the momentum we all witnessed at CES, it is apparent that powerline technology is poised to take its place in the digital home market!

Innovations.gif BestoftheBestCES-logo.png 

Feature Story:
HomePlug Spreads Its Vision During Net-atHome 2007, HomePlug European Executive Seminar and European Press Tour

Contributed by SPiDCOM Technologies

The HomePlug Europe work group has had an exciting end to 2007! While its member companies actively contributed, maximizing the benefit of being privilege sponsor at the Net-atHome trade show (November 13-15 in Nice, France), they also organized an Executive Seminar, taking place November 15th, collocated with Net-atHome and a press tour in France, Germany and the UK.

President Matt Theall opened the HomePlug week in Nice with a keynote address that was one of the most anticipated of the Net-atHome show; nearly every seat in the room was filled. During his speech, Theall pointed out that HomePlug sales have been doubling every year since 2005 – from three million in November 2005 to six million in November 2006 to 12 million in November 2007. He is convinced that this track is going to accelerate as the HomePlug/Panasonic merged proposal is now the sole candidate baseline for the IEEE worldwide standard and that this specification is compatible with HomePlug AV products already in the marketplace. Theall’s keynote sparked the attraction of many visitors to the HomePlug booth, where sponsor companies Arkados, Asoka, Intellon and LEA showcased their HomePlug products.

The HomePlug Executive Seminar, held two days later, was the perfect complement to delve into technical, business and strategic details. Top level presenters from technology providers, product manufacturers and operators utilizing HomePlug technologies highlighted the Alliance’s vision. A survey taken at the conference showed that the majority of the audience was relatively new to HomePlug powerline communications, and were satisfied with the content of the presentations and sessions.

Executive Seminar sponsors Arkados, Asoka, Intellon, GigaFast, LEA and SPiDCOM all demonstrated new products and technologies in the product showcase. LEA showcased several products including three new NetPlug offerings utilizing Intellon chipsets – the NetPlug85+, NetPlug200+ and NetPlug200 Socket. Additionally, they demonstrated their NetStrip PLC power strip products, the NetStrip200 and NetStrip Lite, as well as their NetPower PLC power supply products, the NetPower200 25W and 50W. Intellon chipsets were also utilized in Solwise’s 200Mbps HomePlug AV Ethernet Adaptor with Simple Connect.  Whole-house audio products, coming to market from devolo and IOGEAR, were displayed by Arkados whose system-on-chip HomePlug solutions are embedded in those devices.

Engineers, business people and consultants meet together during these kinds of professional trade shows and executive seminars, and the HomePlug Europe Working Group aims to educate European consumers. The Alliance wants to make sure that consumers are aware of how powerful HomePlug technologies are and that this technology is no longer a secret.

This goal was the main motivation for organizing a European press tour in Germany (November 6th, hosted by Devolo), the UK (November 7th, hosted by Solwise) and France (November 13th, hosted by LEA). Journalists responded very positively to the Alliance’s outreach, and the media coverage was plentiful. The fact that HomePlug provides the high-speed, mature and secure technology transforming electrical wires into a broadband communication medium was undoubtedly of great interest for them.

“These journalists will join the growing number of people that now know about HomePlug products and how they can change their home networking experience,” said Frederic Onado from SPiDCOM Technologies, who was recently named Vice President, EMEA for HomePlug. “When they think about home networking, they think about HomePlug. Our goal is to spread this statement around and to educate the greatest number of consumers possible.” 

Feature Story:
DIRECTV Now Providing HomePlug Connectivity

When DIRECTV decided they wanted their new On Demand service to provide the ultimate ease-of-use for their customers, they looked no further than HomePlug. Following an announcement in August that Intellon’s HomePlug 1.0 with Turbo powerline communications IC was to provide No New Wires® connectivity for DIRECTV’s video on demand service, DIRECTV is now providing HomePlug connectivity via HomePlug adapters and power strips to select customers’ set-top boxes.

Because routers are not often near a consumer’s television and wireless is too unreliable for streaming HD, DIRECTV’s Broadband Connect program allows customers to download content through their new video on demand service and watch at their leisure. The set-up and usage is simple – customers are shipped a kit that includes a HomePlug adapter and a power strip; the DIRECTV box is plugged into the power strip and HomePlug adapter; this connects the DVR system to the broadband ‘cloud’ and allows the DVR system to connect to the internet through the HomePlug adapter. The content is not actually streamed in real time; the content “trickle charges” from the Internet to the DVR to the hard drive.

While not every DIRECTV subscriber is using the HomePlug offering, the Broadband Connect program demonstrates the foresight of DIRECTV in showing that HomePlug technology is the best way to connect to the broadband gateway consumers have at home. With Wi-Fi, a subscriber’s link could go down, and the subscriber simply wouldn’t know it until they wanted to watch their downloaded content. This new development helps cap off an already exciting year for the HomePlug Alliance!

Feature Story:
HomePlug Command & Control: A “Green Energy” Enabler

Contributed by Yitran Communications 

The world is using more electricity than ever due to the ever rising number of electronic devices in our homes. In the past, utilities have tried to “build” solutions in the form of more power plants or considered sources of energy that are environmentally out of the question, i.e. coal. As the global corporate consciousness has shifted, there is now a push towards ‘green energy.’

Business leaders are forming alliances around building ‘clean and green,’ seeking low-cost, high result, reliable technologies for energy conservation and efficiency. Utility Commissions are moving to change the power equation with more efficient distribution and conservation strategies, as well as standards and regulations that include minimum technology requirements for the tools used to accomplish this. 

It is in this environment of forward thinking and progress that HomePlug Command and Control and HomePlug BPL technologies are poised to make a significant impact as ‘Green Energy Enabled.’ HPCC is more than an application for home automation of appliances, lighting, and security. In fact, HPCC forms the foundation of a nearly unlimited variety of applications; from implementing new government regulations for power conservation to remote home access for the every day consumer.  By lowering a thermostat during peak demand times, remote monitoring to indicate lower tariff hours, street light control, automatic and remote meter reading and more, HPCC stands to provide a real, existing, robust and dependable technology to meet both today’s and tomorrow’s energy needs. By providing backhaul to the HPCC traffic, HomePlug BPL enables the utility to reliably control these applications in real time and enhance them to support Demand Response and Distribution Automation. HomePlug's two complementing technologies provide the end-to-end infrastructure for a full Smart Grid solution for modernizing the utility grids for the 21st century.

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