July 2007

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HomePlug Product Spotlight

NETGEAR Space-Saving Powerline Extender

Compatible with other NETGEAR HomePlug 1.0 Powerline devices, the Space-Saving Powerline Extender enables consumers to seamlessly extend secure home network connections from a wired or wireless router to any electrical outlet in the home. Its innovative 2-in-1 design replaces the router’s existing power adapter and supplies both power to the router or gateway and an 85 Mbps network extension via Powerline — greatly reducing AC electrical outlet clutter without impacting Ethernet performance.

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"The standards created by the HomePlug Powerline Alliance now dominate the market…I expect we will see more HomePlugs in commercial premises where they can provide temporary connections very cheaply and reach places that have no Ethernet cabling."
- Bill Pechey, IT Week (UK)

Technical Papers

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HomePlug AV 1.0
Technology Whitepaper

Recent Events

HomePlug Executive Seminar
June 25, 2007
Sumitomo Building, Tokyo, Japan

Upcoming Events

HomePlug Powerline Technology Conference
October 10-11, 2007
Hyatt Regency Santa Clara


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President’s Letter         
Matthew Theall, Intel Corporation

matt_theall.jpg​The worldwide enthusiasm for HomePlug technologies continues to build across a number of different fronts.

For instance, the HomePlug Executive Seminar on June 25th held in Toyko, Japan was a rousing success that exceeded both the capacity of the meeting hall and the expectations of the attendees. Similarly, the momentum continues to build for the adoption of HomePlug technologies for a diverse range of applications within the key European market. See the articles below for more details on both regions.

Following the very positive global reaction to Intel's announcement on including HomePlug AV as a mainstream product option, other HomePlug Alliance member companies have also made important announcements that are helping to expand the momentum. One key example is the announcement by Sharp and KDDI to standardize on HomePlug for implementing IPTV services in Japan.

Overall market growth in our key focus areas also has been phenomenal, as exemplified by Intellon's achieving the milestone of 10 million HomePlug ICs shipped and the industry predictions that BPL deployment will skyrocket over the next six years to encompass more than five billion homes.

Also keep an eye out for the HomePlug Command & Control Specification, which is nearing completion and should be going out for member review in the near future. This specification promises to be a key enabling factor for driving HomePlug technology adoption to new levels of volume.

Also Keep in Mind:
The HomePlug Technology Conference will take place October 10-11, 2007 at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara in California.The conference comes at a time when we're reaching important milestones in the evolution of HomePlug technology. Registration is open now! Don’t miss your chance to find out the best kept secrets of the connected home industry.
Register by July 31, 2007 and receive the early-bird discount, a savings of $100!


Featured Whitepaper:
How HomePlug Technologies Enhance the Consumer Experience

Contributed By Oleg Logvinov and Jim Reeber, Arkados Inc

This paper discusses the merits of the development process used for all HomePlug specifications. The HomePlug Powerline Alliance created a series of processes and a system of checks and balances in order to ensure that our specifications benefit the whole of the industry and are easily licensed between the industry's various stakeholders. As a result, a great mind share of expert industry-wide talent worked to create best-in-class technologies. This paper also shares a compendium of independent test results and figures that support our claims. Icon Read the full whitepaper (193.1 KB)

Feature Story:
HomePlug Europe, the Alliance's Bridgehead Inside the Key European Market

Contributed By SPidCOM

The word "diversity" perfectly suits to define the HomePlug Alliance. Diversity in applications, as it focuses on multimedia home networking, BPL, command and control. Diversity in silicon, as it is the only powerline alliance to provide open multi-source standards. Diversity in members, as it gathers an impressive range of industry leaders at each level of the value chain - from Technology to Services & Content. Diversity in origins, as its member companies and markets are international.

HomePlug Europe helps the Alliance in promoting this richness inside the European markets. It shares and transmits the Alliance's vision of open and standardized PLC markets.

Founded a little more than a year ago, HomePlug Europe's first event was the organization of a successful executive seminar collocated with Connections Europe in Germany (November 2006). In addition to the set-up of a HomePlug Alliance booth on the Connections show floor, "this executive seminar provided a platform for key decision makers to explore HomePlug's standards-based approach to interoperable powerline networking solutions worldwide," stated Matthew Theall, president of the HomePlug Alliance.

At CeBIT 2007 in March, HomePlug Europe reinforced the individual participation of member companies by setting up a HomePlug Alliance booth, which included a variety of demonstrations. This participation helped spread the HomePlug brand throughout the biggest European Telecom show.

What's next?
On November 15, 2007, the second HomePlug Powerline European Executive Seminar Series will communicate and discuss the goals of the Alliance, its open-standards approach, and present usage studies for network operators and utility companies. The event will review how the HomePlug Alliance operates and the benefits of participating in the specification development process.

Taking place in Nice and co-located with the Net-atHome conference, HomePlug Powerline Alliance is the privilege sponsor.

"The European market plays a vital role in the global adoption of broadband powerline technology," said Frederic Onado from SPiDCOM Technologies, who also serves as chairman of the HomePlug Europe Group. "HomePlug is a well known quality brand inside PLC-aware consumers. Our mission right now is to conquer the mass-market. I invite European companies sharing this goal to join us inside the HomePlug Europe Group and help us make HomePlug a complete market success."

Feature Story:
Meeting the Strict Requirements of Utility Companies for Outdoor Products

Contributed by MainNet Communications

Broadband Powerline Communication (BPL/PLC) enables setting up a communication network over the existing electricity grids that can be used for Smart Grid applications and for surveillance, as well as for delivering broadband communication services to the Utility's customers. Whether in overhead or underground in medium voltage (MV) applications or over the low (LV) voltage grids, the BPL units often need to be installed outdoors. These units face harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain, dust or floods.


Utility companies aiming at using BPL are seeking cost-effective solutions that can withstand all weather hazards while meeting broadband communications requirements. The common approach is the use of additional storage boxes or cabinets, which are cumbersome and expensive alternatives.

HomePlug member company MainNet Communications recently announced its outdoor BPL system family that guarantees complete protection against any environmental hazards in both MV overhead or underground installations and LV grids. MainNet's outdoor units come in a compact housing with a small footprint and include various patent-pending mechanisms to assure their ease of installation, as well as their compliance with the strict environmental standards.

Based on HomePlug technology, MainNet's PLUS family offers flexible outdoor units for the MV and LV grids that can serve as concentrators, as repeaters or as Advanced Metering (AMI/AMM) units. The AMI/AMM units are offered with an optional electric meter housing connected directly to a Meter Socket Adaptor (MSA).

"With the new PLUS outdoor product family and accessories, MainNet offers a complete field-proven flexible BPL/PLC solution for combined outdoor and indoor installation over the same electricity network," said Rami Refaeli, MainNet's VP of Research and Development. "Enhanced by the company's Network Management System - NmPLUS - deploying MainNet's solution enables fast time to market of cost effective broadband powerline communication and complete network control from the head-end to the user premises."

HomePlug Executive Seminar Japan is a Huge Success

On June 25th, the HomePlug Powerline Alliance held an executive seminar in Tokyo Japan which was attended by a standing-room-only group of more than 150 attendees, including 16 members of the press - well exceeding the venue's stated capacity of 120. The powerful event featured major announcements from several member companies, such as Conexant, Intellon, Sumitomo and Sharp. The discussion topics included Global Test Data, Case Studies, updates to the HomePlug AV Specification, and much more. Photos from the event are shown below - click on any image to see a larger version.

Japan1-t.jpg Japan2-t.jpg Japan3-t.jpg

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