June 2007

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devolo dLAN Wireless Extender

The new devolo dLAN Wireless Extender combines the advantages of dLAN and WLAN in a single device. With transfer rates of 85 Mbps via dLAN and 54 Mbps via WLAN, this handy adapter offers wireless surfing in any room in the house—even beyond thick concrete walls. For the first time the dLAN Wireless extender features a LAN connector for the direct connection of a PC.

Read what the industry is saying about HomePlug Technology!

“The upcoming HomePlug A/V standard looks very promising from a convenience perspective because it offers the ultimate re-use of existing AC wiring. End users can purchase electronic devices at the store and simply plug them into their home networks, which automatically enable those devices to share data and video.”
- Robert Flask, CED Magazine

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HomePlug AV 1.0
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President’s Letter         
Matthew Theall, Intel Corporation

matt_theall.jpg​The momentum for widespread deployment of HomePlug technology continues to build with a growing flood of product announcements. Notable among them was the announcement at last month's Intel Developer Forum 2007 in Beijing that Intel will offer a HomePlug AV option for PCs starting in 2008.

According to Eric Kim, senior vice president and general manager of Intel's Digital Home Group, who made the announcment, "The PC and the consumer electronics industry is poised for a major revolution and it's fair to say that video over the internet is the killer app right now. Clearly this is being enabled by a tremendous penetration of broadband to households, with video streaming on the internet rocketing from almost nothing a few years ago to a prediction of 75 billion clips streamed by the end of this year. That number will grow to 100 billion next year."

As broadband access escalates -- from some 10+ million homes connected this year to close to 100 million predicted in 2011, growth in Internet-enabled devices is expected to explode, with 100 million homes worldwide by 2011 to have some kind of TV or video device connected to broadband. In the process, the currently disparate worlds of TV and the PC will effectively converge - - and that's where HomePlug comes in.

Ultimately users want the four Cs: control, choice, clarity and community. This will mean control over when users watch content, more choices of content and high clarity of the images including HDTV. Lastly and perhaps most profoundly is community, which is a product of the internet revolution. To deliver the four Cs takes lots of processing power along with software functionality, which has long been the realm of PCs.

"Networks in the home will bring the PC and TV islands together," said Kim. "WiFi has become the standard home network but demand for convergence is driving a much more video-centric connectivity. We have been evaluating HomePlug AV for quite some time and with the latest release of the HomePlug AV 1.0 we believe that it is ready to deliver on the ubiquitous home network. It's simple and it's plug-and-play. Intel has recently conducted a worldwide extensive test of HomePlug AV 1.0 in many real-world settings and has found that in a vast majority of the cases it delivered HD video capable bandwidth throughout homes."

In addition, along with the boom in IPTV networking, the cost of BPL-based utility applications and BPL networks will change bringing them further into the realm of affordability -- just as the computer chip boom years ago triggered the availability of all sorts of new systems and applications for the first time. As BPL becomes a ubiquitous network technology for virtually all broadband access technologies in homes, buildings and industries around the globe, that will also strongly impact how utilities approach demand side management and other home- and business-based utility programs.

The articles below provide a more in-depth look at how HomePlug AV and BPL technologies will significantly alter the methodologies, economics and ease-of-use for delivering broadband and unifying the converged IPTV and computing environment within homes and businesses.

Also, remember to save the date for the HomePlug Powerline Alliance Technology Conference, October 10-11, 2007 in Santa Clara, CA. This conference promises to be one of the most important events in the evolution of HomePlug technology and it's one that you won't want to miss. 


Feature Story:
HomePlug BPL for Improved Hotels and Resorts Operations

Contributed by MainNet Communications

Hotel owners and managers are currently facing two major operational issues: the growing demand for constant broadband communication access services and the search for improved efficiency control and energy saving. Broadband communication over powerlines based on HomePlug BPL technology offers a simple, cost effective answer to these challenges. Additionally, implementing BPL over the existing electricity wires allows hotels to continue their daily operations with no disturbance to guests.

Broadband Powerline Communication (BPL/PLC) Solution:
Using BPL technology over the existing electricity wiring enables rapid installation and avoids the need for any re-wiring, thus saving the associated costs while avoiding any disturbance to the hotel's day-to-day running.

BPL can provide broadband Internet to the entire hotel premises, including a resort with several buildings or even a leisure park. Facing no line-of-sight issues, BPL technology can be used for extending the reach of WiFi wherever its coverage is not possible. In addition, HomePlug-based BPL technology enables remote operations command and control for energy saving and emergency purposes.

HomePlug Technology and MainNet's Unique BPL/PLC Solution:
MainNet's PLUS solution, based on HomePlug chipsets, boosts smart-repetition technology using a unique algorithm designed to deal with typical noisy electricity environments and with a large number of users in a high-density topology, such as hotels or enterprises with multi-building campuses.

MainNet's PLUS, a proven innovative BPL solution, enables high-speed Internet and toll-quality VoIP services anywhere in the hotel premises and over various network topologies. Using MainNet's IP-based solution allows for improved command and control applications, by aggregating narrowband inputs from multiple sensors and controllers, such as heating and cooling devices, audio/video systems or emergency alarms.

HomePlug-based broadband powerline access is not just a concept; it is successfully deployed today in hotels across Europe and the United States.

Case Study:
3One Networks Deploys Intelligent Power Grid Solution for World's Largest Utility Company

Contributed by Intellon

The standard electric power grid is widely distributed, with multiple substations, transformers, lines and meters. As the grid is currently architected, identifying and troubleshooting problems in this grid can be an arduous task for utility companies - resulting in power lapses, revenue loss and energy inefficiency.

Intelligent grid ("smart grid") management promises to revolutionize the way utility companies oversee their grids by enabling them to monitor use in real time, and shorten or eliminate power outages. 3One Networks, a technology and services company that has commercialized Broadband over Powerline (BPL) technologies, has developed innovative BPL power grid management solutions. Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, the company combines advanced hardware and software to enable the remote, real-time monitoring and control of electrical power grids.
Read the Full Case Study

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