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HomePlug Product Spotlight

Solwise 200AV HomePlug Adapter with Simple Connect

The Solwise 200AV HomePlug Adapter with Simple Connect provides a more convenient way to create your HomePlug network without the need to run the Device Utility from a computer – allowing your HomePlug AV devices to create or join a network with just a press of a button! 

With transfer rates of 200Mbps, the Solwise HomePlug AV can easily support full multimedia home networking throughout the whole house including simultaneous High Definition and Standard Definition video distribution, whole-house audio, Voice Over IP and high speed Internet in addition to data networking.
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“Let HomePlug save the day. This powerline networking standard let’s you create a network using preexisting electric wiring in any building…Blinding speed? Oh you betcha…Gives true meaning to the term “plug and play.” You plug it in. It works. Period.”
Danny Dumas, Wired’s Gadget Lab

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HomePlug AV 1.0
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PLC Cross Phase Coupling: Click here

Recent Events

November 13-15, 2007
Boscolo Hotel Plaza
Nice, France

HomePlug Executive Seminar - Europe
November 15, 2007
Boscolo Hotel
Nice, France

HomePlug Europe Working Group F2F
November 16, 2007
Boscolo Hotel
Nice, France

HomePlug Powerline Technology Conference
October 10-11, 2007
Hyatt Regency 
Santa Clara

Broadband Power Line 2007
September 18-21, 2007
The Fairmont Dallas

Upcoming Events

2008 International CES
January 7-10, 2008
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada

CCNC 2008
January 10 - 12, 2008
Las Vegas, Nevada

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President’s Letter 

Matthew Theall, Intel Corporation

matt_theall.jpgOctober and November have been truly exciting months for the HomePlug Powerline Alliance!

As I mentioned in our last newsletter, we recently held the 2007 HomePlug Powerline Technology Conference. With keynote speakers Julian Day, CEO of RadioShack; Stephen Wildstrom, technology columnist for BusinessWeek; and Martin Manniche, senior director of engineering at Linksys, the Conference provided a wealth of information and value for those in attendance. Member companies Arkados, Asoka, GigaFast, Intellon, Yitran and ZyXEL all participated in the Product Showcase during the conference, providing interactive demonstrations of their latest HomePlug products and solutions.

There are several feature articles below that elaborate on the exciting developments that took place during our conference. As evidenced by these articles, the conference was very successful, with nearly 200 people in attendance learning about how HomePlug technology is used for in-home, to-the-home, smart-grid, and command & control applications.  

In other news, HomePlug technology has come one step closer to becoming the worldwide standard. Members of the alliance have been very involved in the IEEE's efforts to create a worldwide standard for in-home and access powerline communication technologies. We are excited about the great level of worldwide industry support, as evidenced by the final vote the IEEE P1901 work group, which supported the HomePlug/Panasonic proposal over those from competing organizations.

The Alliance's European efforts have also seen tremendous success, thanks in part to HomePlug's European work group, headed up by Frederic Onado of SPiDCOM. Fred has been a longtime champion of HomePlug's efforts and was recently named vice president, EMEA, of the HomePlug Alliance. This month, HomePlug hosted our 2007 European Executive Seminar in conjunction with the Net-atHome conference. The European market has long played a vital role in the global adoption and success of HomePlug technology, and the enthusiasm surrounding this year's European Executive Seminar is just one example of that. 

Finally, we are making final plans for CES and CeBIT early next year and expect to have a number of new demos at each event. I hope you will be able to drop by and see the significant progress the Alliance has made over the last year. 

Feature Story:
HomePlug One Step Closer to Becoming Worldwide Standard

Just a few short weeks ago in Boston, members of the IEEE P1901 work group voted to support the proposal submitted by HomePlug and Panasonic over competing proposals, making it the sole MAC/PHY proposal remaining in the IEEE’s efforts to create an international standard for PLC technologies.

Members of the Alliance are proud to see the support our specifications have received from throughout the industry. The HomePlug Alliance has always been committed to a single interoperable standard for powerline communications technology, and many HomePlug member companies have been deeply involved in the IEEE work groups to further this goal.

At the 2007 HomePlug Powerline Technology Conference, Arkados President and CEO Oleg Logvinov shared how after merging the HomePlug proposal with one from Panasonic, the proposal was selected by the IEEE P1901 work group for the in-home and access clusters and will now be the only proposal under consideration for the confirmation vote as the baseline specification.

In December, the P1901 work group will meet in San Diego, as well as early in 2008 in Japan. During this time, the work group will refine the selected HomePlug/Panasonic submission and will seek to reach a consensus to approve the proposals submitted as the baseline for the IEEE 1901 standard. The final 1901 specification will be decided by early next year.

Additionally, the Alliance announced that our comprehensive Compliance and Interoperability (C&I) program will be expanded to certify IEEE 1901 standard products. The HomePlug C&I program will ensure that current HomePlug technology consumers will continue to enjoy its benefits. HomePlug members are developing co-existence and interoperability features that ensure current HomePlug certified devices are compatible with devices based on the IEEE P1901 standard (whenever this standard is adopted and ratified).

Stay tuned to our upcoming newsletter editions for the latest updates on the IEEE 1901 developments.

Feature Story:
HomePlug AV: The In-Home Solution

The year 2007 has been an explosive one for HomePlug AV. At this time last year, AV products were just starting to ship. They're now shipping en masse, bolstered by the recent certification of more than 40 HomePlug AV products. Five HomePlug member companies – Arkados, Conexant, Gigle, Intellon and SPiDCOM – have announced plans to build HomePlug AV chips, and retail channels have multiple HomePlug AV products on the shelves. We've seen tremendous success for these products, and we believe in-home solutions are on the cusp of the mainstream.

As Stephen Wildstrom mentioned during his keynote, in the current state of home networking, networking is primarily Wi-Fi. But we’re poised for an explosion in home entertainment, and wireless technology does not do well with the demands of entertainment content and wasn’t designed for these extensive entertainment uses. Powerline, on the other hand, is more reliable than wireless, leverages the existing home infrastructure and is ideal for home automation applications. Wildstrom continued that the biggest challenge HomePlug products face is low public awareness, confusion between powerline in-home and BPL, higher cost and confusion among competing technologies.

We know that HomePlug solutions are the best on the market, but what we've realized is that HomePlug technology really is the industry's best kept secret. HomePlug technology is being used in so many different ways to support entertainment applications – from gaming to whole house audio to HDTV to home theater and IPTV. The connected home faces a great challenge with all of the competing ‘noise’, Martin Manniche pointed out in his keynote – between our mobile phones, computers, home phones, home entertainment and music, devices don’t communicate well. HomePlug AV is truly a great solution for this issue. But the best part about HomePlug solutions, which Michael Greeson from The Diffusion Group called out, is that they truly are plug 'n play, and it's time to get loud about the fact that HomePlug members are producing these great products that make setting up your home network simple and easy.

One such example of this came from Michael Stein from Russound, who stated, “HomePlug-based solutions make mulit-room audio installation as easy as installing new miniblinds or adding another cable box. Sales and installation of custom audio are no longer tied to the construction market thanks to solutions like HomePlug. 

Finally, as Julian Day mentioned in his keynote, eventually technology disappears into the background fabric of peoples' lives and consumers forget it's there. As more products come to market that embed HomePlug technology inside, the HomePlug Alliance will soon see how we’ve reached that goal.

Feature Story:
Command & Control: Changing the Face of Home Automation

"Technology that will literally be able to change the face of energy" is what Steve Taylor, president of Corporate Systems Engineering, called the latest developments in Command & Control (C&C). 

In 2007, home automation revenue will hit $5.3 billion. From being able to turn your lights off and on remotely, to monitoring patients, to notifying the fire department of a smoke detector being set off, advancements in this technology (in conjunction with its incredibly low cost) have helped set C&C on track for worldwide adoption. And all of these applications are simply connected through the power lines. Additionally, traditional automation companies like General Electric, Honeywell, IBM, Invensys, Mitsubishi Motorola, Philips, Samsung and Texas Instruments are looking to capitalize on new market opportunities in home automation.

During the HomePlug Powerline Technology Conference, the Alliance announced some exciting developments for the HomePlug Command & Control 1.0 specification. The HomePlug Board of Directors ratified the C&C 1.0 specification, which is now available to HomePlug members. The Command and Control 1.0 Protocol specification is being developed by the C&C specification working group, and the Alliance is in the planning stages of a comprehensive compliance and interoperability (C&I) product certification program for Command and Control applications. This new HomePlug C&C technology platform will usher in a new era of home automation and create a wide variety of innovative solutions including advanced energy management and whole-house control of lighting, appliances, climate control, security and other devices.

Stay tuned for further developments in this revolutionary technology.

Feature Story:
Service Providers Employing HomePlug BPL Technology

HomePlug BPL technology is also making steady strides. 

Matthew Theall stated in his opening remarks that the number of services providers backing the HomePlug standard is on the rise, with more than double the number of SPs globally joining the Alliance this year from companies like AT&T, Bell Canada, Comcast, DirecTV, Dish, France Telecom, KDDI, Swisscom, Telecom Italia, Chunghwa Telecom, SingTel and more. Additionally, service providers are taking HomePlug seriously, with Asian and European markets growing each year.

Additionally, Jim Daugherty from Intellon noted that more than 40 service providers worldwide are shipping HomePlug products, including 20 IPTV deployments, making it a true market leader for carrier grade applications.

Werner Fehn from devolo AG in Germany provided some insight into success with service providers in the European market. Powerline communications driving factors such as IPTV and VoD, high Wi-Fi penetration in residential areas leading to limited Wi-Fi bandwidth, new IPTV products like multiroom and multiservice, growing QoS/bandwidth needs, house construction, and more have all led to growing adoption of HomePlug technology by service providers in Europe.

Feature Story:
Smart Grid Technology

In the conference session on the future of the connected home, Andy Melder from Intellon pointed out that smart grid and energy consumption is one of three market areas where HomePlug technologies will have a huge impact on in 2008.

With applications like automatic meter reading, real-time monitoring, outage prediction and notification, and load balancing, HomePlug technology applications like smart grid and automatic meter reading, real-time monitoring, outage prediction and load balancing are all possible using HomePlug technology. 

Oded Hadass from MainNet Communications stated in the session that HomePlug BPL is the backbone for smart grid communications, fully meeting utilities’ requirements for network security, management and control, life-cycle cost, reliability and performance of the specification, and future readiness. Additionally, HomePlug BPL has significant advantages over other BPL solutions for smart grid, including ease of installation, robustness and immunity to noise, notching, proven field experience and co-existence with HomePlug-based in-home networks.

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Member Company News:
ZyXEL Awarded CES Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Honoree for All-In-One ADSL2+ Gateway With HomePlug AVTM Technology

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