October 2007

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"I was impressed with the generation-to-generation UDP improvements that paced the HomePlug 1.0-to-1.0 Turbo-to-AV-technology transitions…HomePlug AV was the clear power-line winner with UDP, at least in my setup, and by a substantial margin.”
Brian Dipert, EDN

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HomePlug Powerline Technology Conference
October 10-11, 2007
Hyatt Regency Santa Clara

Broadband Power Line 2007
September 18-21, 2007
The Fairmont Dallas


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November 13-15, 2007
Boscolo Hotel Plaza
Nice, France

HomePlug Executive Seminar - Europe
November 15, 2007
Boscolo Hotel
Nice, France

HomePlug Europe Working Group F2F
November 16, 2007
Boscolo Hotel
Nice, France


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President’s Letter         
Matthew Theall, Intel Corporation

matt_theall.jpgAs I'm writing this, we have just finished up our 2007 HomePlug Powerline Technology Conference. All I can say is "wow". This was a very exciting event that we believe will help to shape the industry for years to come. We're busy putting together a summary of the conference, so look for a special-edition of this newsletter soon. Additionally, as many of you also know, the Alliance is heavily involved in the worldwide standardization efforts within the IEEE. A full report on these developments will also be included in our next newsletter.

More about that later. The newsletter you are reading now discusses a very important topic for the entire industry: certification and compliance issues. These issues fundamentally provide the bedrock foundation for the ultimate success of any multi-vendor, global standard communications technology.

From the beginning, the HomePlug Alliance and our members have invested significant time, effort and expense in the development, refinement, ratification and promulgation of comprehensive standards to support consistent worldwide implementation of HomePlug BPL and AV technologies. At the same time, we have worked to provide sufficient flexibility for supporting a wide range of real-world applications and fostering a continuous stream of innovation in the design of HomePlug-compliant devices. This is particularly important with multiple sources of silicon coming on line and product developers needing to fulfill growing consumer expectations for simple plug-and-play solutions.

As evidenced by the articles below, these efforts have been rewarded by the proliferation of a broad range of new and exciting applications that provide seamless interoperability and give users the benefit of various product choices that can be mixed-and-matched to meet their particular requirements.

We have also recently announced that the HomePlug Alliance will develop a C&I program for the IEEE's 1901 standard, when it is completed. You can read our press release here.

Feature Story:
More Than 40 Products Pass HomePlug AV Certification Test

CCedros.jpgCraig Cedros, Intel
Chair, Compliance & Interoperability Workgroup

More than 40 products passed the certification tests. These products were from 14 HomePlug member companies including Actiontec, Asoka, Aztech, Cameo, Devolo, Fujitsu-Siemens, Gigafast, Intellon, Leacom, Linksys, Sharp, Solwise and Sumitomo.

Among the products passing certification testing at July's "Plugfest" are:
Actiontec - MEGAPLUG AV 200 Mbps Ethernet Adapter
Asoka - PlugLinkAV 9660 Ethernet Adapter, PlugLinkAV 9662 Coax Hybrid
Aztech - HL109E
Cameo - 6300ETH
Devolo - dLAN 200 AVpro, dLAN 200 AVdesk, dLAN 200 AVpro i, dLAN 200 AV; dLAN 200 AVeasy
Fujitsu-Siemens - PowerLAN IH200
Gigafast - PE-924-EB; PE-928-EB; PE-927-EB; PE-926-PLA; PE-926-SW
Intellon - INT6000 Reference Design; INT6300 Reference Design; AN-1; AN-2; SER-1
Leacom - LEA Netplug AV 200Mbps
Linksys - PLE200
Sharp - HN-VA10; HN-VA10A; HN-VA40; HN-VA40A
Solwise - NET-PL-200AV
Sumitomo - MH2170
ZyXEL - PLA-470; PLA-450; NBG-318S; 45-401-000705; PLA-401; PLA-402; PLA-400; P-660HWP-D1

Several additional products also passed the test requirements but vendors have not yet announced their availability. A number of ODM products were represented by a HomePlug member, and they also successfully completed testing.

This is an extraordinarily strong beginning to the HomePlug AV certification program. The HomePlug Test House now has an extensive inventory of successfully tested products that will be used in continuing to provide testing services to product vendors based on their product availability and its release schedule. In the near future, any product vendor can contact the Test House directly to set up HomePlug AV certification testing, which eliminates the need to wait for a PlugFest (which typically takes a significant amount of time and effort to organize).

Shortly, the HomePlug Web site will provide additional information, including a list of frequently asked questions and how to schedule certification tests..

Understanding the Certification Process

For more information on the HomePlug certification process, the steps involved, and how to go about getting your products certified, visit the certification section on the HomePlug Alliance Web site.

Use of the "HomePlug Certified" logos

The graphic below provides a brief overview of the various Certification Marks that are available for use on products that have successfully completed the certification process. For more information or questions, contact the HomePlug Alliance.


HomePlug Alliance and Member News:

HomePlug Alliance News:
More Than 40 Products Pass HomePlug Powerline Alliance AV Certification

HomePlug Powerline Alliance Announces Intent to Certify IEEE 1901 Products Based on Its Recent Merged Proposal

HomePlug Powerline Alliance Board of Directors Ratifies HomePlug Command and Control 1.0 Specification

HomePlug Powerline Alliance and Panasonic Submit a Merged Proposal to the IEEE P1901 Work Group for BPL

RadioShack Chairman and CEO, BusinessWeek Technology Pundit, and Cisco-Linksys Engineering Leader to Keynote 2007 HomePlug Powerline Technology Conference

HomePlug® Powerline Technology Finds Large Audience for Multimedia Distribution at CEDIA EXPO 2007

Member Company News:
ZyXEL Adds Three New Products to Its HomePlug AV Powerline Family

Arkados Powers Russounds New Networked iPod Bridge

Intellon to Provide HomePlug 1.0 with Turbo Solution for Broadband Connectivity

Arkados Firmware Delivers on Whole-House Audio

Russound Chooses Intellon HomePlug® AV-based ICs for Next Generation Home Audio Products

Telekom Austria selects devolo's dLAN Highspeed in house powerline adapters

Arkados and MainNet Team to Bridge Smart Power Grids with Consumer Electronics, Enabling Green Entertainment

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