Spring 2008

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HomePlug Product Spotlight

Aztech 200Mbps HomePlug

802.11n Router

 Aztech 200Mbps HomePlug Router.jpg

Aztech’s latest 200Mbps HomePlug AV 802.11n Router is truly an all-in-one powerline adapter for homeowners who enjoy Triple Play applications such as Internet Protocol Television (“IPTV”), online console gaming (Xbox360, PlayStation3, etc.) and media sharing. Everything in one simple device, it combines the best functions and complete benefits of built-in 200Mbps HomePlug AV for reliable powerline content transfer, wider wireless coverage with 802.11n, and connect up to four devices at the same time.

Read what the industry is saying about HomePlug Technology!

“Wireless networking is convenient, but even the quickest variants are subject to the whims of radio waves and it's often pretty hard to get Wi-Fi to run at its top speed, especially with encryption turned on and a few walls in the way. So what's the solution when you really can't run an Ethernet cable? We'd suggest sending data over your home electrical cabling is as good a way as any. The Solwise Homeplug NET-PL-200AV-PUSH has two distinctive features; the first is that it claims it can operate at 200Mbps. The other is that it will take you significantly less time to get it working than it does to say the name of the product…But the fact is, these plugs are incredibly easy to use, and work like a dream. Hooking them up takes no time at all.” 

- CNET UK, Ian Morris

Technical Papers

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HomePlug AV 1.0
Technology Whitepaper

PLC Cross Phase Coupling: Click here 

Recent Events

CeBIT 2008
March 4-9, 2008
Hannover, Germany

DistribuTECH 2008
January 22-24, 2008
Tampa Convention Center
Tampa, Florida

Upcoming Events

May 20-22, 2008
Santa Clara Convention Center
Santa Clara, CA

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President’s Letter        

Matthew Theall, Intel Corporation

matt_theall.jpgThe new year has brought a lot of exciting activity for the HomePlug Powerline Alliance! 
In March, the Alliance’s European efforts continued with the participation in CeBIT 2008 in Hannover, Germany, taking place from March 4 to 9. HomePlug member companies Asoka, devolo AG, GigaFast, Gigle, Intellon, LEA, SPiDCOM Technologies, ST&T and Yitran participated in the HomePlug Pavilion, organized by the HomePlug Europe work group. During the conference, the Alliance announced that between CeBIT 2007 and CeBIT 2008, HomePlug certified product shipments have doubled from eight million to 16 million, demonstrating our clear market leadership in Europe and around the world.

Also taking place in early March was the latest meeting of the IEEE P1901 work group, which is working towards a single standard in powerline communications. We’re very excited that the joint HomePlug/CEPCA proposal was voted as the sole remaining proposal in the Coexistence cluster, and we continue to move forward with the finalization of the proposals for the In-Home and Access Clusters. As always, we’ll keep you informed of the latest developments surround the IEEE 1901 standard, as well as all things HomePlug! 

Feature Story:

HomePlug Powerline Alliance’s Joint Proposal with Panasonic Continues Progress Towards Ubiquity

On March 5 and 6, in Fukuoka, Japan, the HomePlug Alliance and Panasonic met with members of the IEEE P1901 work group to discuss the latest developments in our joint proposal for a single unified powerline standard.

After voting processes rejected all other proposals, the three clusters in the IEEE P1901 work group have only one remaining proposal, each of which is a joint proposal with the HomePlug Alliance. The HomePlug/Panasonic proposal is the only remaining proposal under consideration for the In-home and Access clusters, and only the HomePlug/CEPCA proposal remains in the Coexistence cluster.

In the year 2000, the HomePlug Alliance was founded on the belief that the completion of a global industry-wide standard will be the most significant step forward for the powerline industry, and this solution will unite an extensive group of equipment vendors, service providers, technology providers and consumers. Ultimately, the goal of the HomePlug Alliance is to create the best solution for the industry by creating a single standard that will benefit consumers around the world.

The next meeting of the IEEE P1901 work group will take place in Miami, Florida, from July 8 to 11, with the final confirmation vote on the three clusters – In-Home, Access and Coexistence – taking place on the final day of the meeting.

We will keep you updated on any new developments that take place during this exciting time! Please visit http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/1901/ for additional details on the IEEE P1901 standard.

Feature Story:

HomePlug Powerline Alliance demonstrates its market leadership at CeBIT 2008

Contributed by SPiDCOM Technologies

Following CES 2008 in Las Vegas in January, the HomePlug Powerline Alliance continued communicating its vision and market leadership to Europe during the CeBIT trade show, which took place from March 4 to 9, 2008 in Hannover, Germany. 

At CeBIT, for the first time, the HomePlug Europe work group organized a HomePlug Pavilion with member companies Asoka, devolo AG, GigaFast, Gigle, Intellon, LEA, SPiDCOM Technologies, ST&T and Yitran sponsoring or exhibiting. Furthermore, other member companies, including Aztech, NETGEAR, ZyXEL and more, presented products throughout the show floor, ensuring a large visibility for HomePlug technology.

“The difference this year is that no one needed to be told about Powerline or HomePlug technology,” said many of the members. People who came to the booth knew the HomePlug name and what it stands for. Rather than just being curious, they were coming to find the latest in HomePlug technology and what new products were being introduced. And the members delivered – showcasing a number of new HomePlug products, including HomePlug AV embedded surge protectors, MDU solutions, and products based on the new HomePlug Command and Control (C&C) specification for Home Automation and AMR technology.

The HomePlug certification logo was seen by many international visitors as they discovered newly released and existing products, including:

·          The new PlugLink AV 9667 iSocket (PL9667-ETH) from Asoka USA

·          devolo AG showcased the dLAN TV Sat, its new business product portfolio, dLAN Power supply 200-18, dLAN 200 AV miniPCI and dLAN 200 AV module

·          GigaFast presented its range of HomePlug networking products for home-based and small- to medium-sized businesses

·          Intellon introduced its new INT6300 chip, supporting the HomePlug AV standard

·          LEA unveiled the new NetPlug 200+ as well as the NetSocket200+ and the NetPower200+

·          ST&T showcased its HomePlug AV and 85Mbps products

·          Yitran presented its IT800 IC technology and a preview of its new IT700 integrated circuit  

Frederic Onado from SPiDCOM Technologies, who serves as VP EMEA of HomePlug, participated in the global Alliance promotion as a speaker for the IPCentral@CeBIT conference, organized during CeBIT 2008. During his presentation, Onado introduced the Alliance, its members, its certification processes and its recent success at IEEE. He also emphasized that HomePlug product shipments have doubled from eight million to 16 million in last twelve months, demonstrating the clear market leadership of the Alliance. This talk motivated many attendees to visit the HomePlug Pavilion.

During the face-to-face meeting of HomePlug Europe members held on Friday, March 7, all members exhibiting agreed that the HomePlug Pavilion was a great success, and that they would like to continue having a similar set-up for CeBIT 2009, which the Europe work group will begin organizing in the coming weeks. If you are interested in showcasing your products in the HomePlug Pavilion next year, please contact the Alliance! 

CeBIT 1.gifCeBIT 3.gif

CeBIT 4.gifCeBIT 5.gifCeBIT 9.gif

CeBIT 2.gifCeBIT 6.gif

Feature Story:
The HomePlug Invasion – European Markets

Contributed by Intellon Corporation

More than 60 percent of the HomePlug market share is based in Europe, with companies such as devolo AG, LEA and Solwise offering HomePlug certified products throughout the country. Additionally, HomePlug has become the technology of choice for many service providers throughout Europe and throughout the world. As IPTV continues to be a strong play in the European markets, some products are shipped through major service providers as a means of reducing their operations expenses. Customers with homes that may need re-wiring due to the lack of a high-speed connection in a room are now being offered a HomePlug certified device to make their installation and set-up process as painless as plugging an adapter into the wall.

Retailers throughout Europe also offer HomePlug devices, and these products can be found in a large and growing number of stores. As more products become HomePlug certified, the need to make certain that HomePlug is the brand of choice becomes increasingly important. Having the HomePlug certification mark on a powerline product ensures a positive customer experience. With ease-of-use and seamless compatibility of utmost importance to consumers worldwide, member companies are encouraged to have their products tested and to include the certification logo on their packaging.

Many new products from the European market have been introduced and reviewed, and the result has been a number of positive articles regarding HomePlug products.  Visit the HomePlug news sections for a current listing of reviews.

HomePlug Alliance and Member News:

HomePlug Alliance News:

HomePlug Powerline Alliance Announces Doubling of HomePlug Product Shipments from Eight Million to 16 Million in Last 12 Months

HomePlug/Panasonic Proposal for Powerline Communications Moves Towards a Ubiquitous IEEE Standard

Member Company News:

Yitran to Demonstrate PLC Based Command and Control

Sagitrón to Distribute Yitran PLC ICs in Spain and Portugal

Asoka Launches Powerline Networking Product Portfolio for EMEA Markets

Asoka Introduces PlugLink(R) AV 9667 iSocket for Powerline Networking Industry

Frederic Onado from SPiDCOM Technologies to present HomePlug AV standard at IPCentral@CeBIT Conference

Asoka Opens Europe Headquarters to Meet Demand for IPTV Networking

Yitran at CeBIT 2008

Palmetto Rural Telephone Company Selects Asoka USA for Home and Small Business Networking

Arkados Awarded Microsoft Windows Certification for Whole-House Music from a Computer

Arkados Solution Recognized as One of G4 Television's "Best of the Best" from CES 2008

Yitran to Feature HomePlug Command and Control at Distributech 2008 

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