Wires can provide a safer feeling

Despite the growing debate about its safety, Wi-Fi will continue to flourish no matter what the risks because it is convenient. But, there is an alternative. HomePlug products offer similar levels of convenience with none of the health worries, imagined or otherwise.

IT Week
June 4, 2007
devolo unveils dLAN Wireless Extender wireless option for home networking system

Mobile Digest
June 4, 2007
The Home Network of 2012

Five years ago, broadband was a wonder and home networks a black art. Today, were blithely weighing 802.11 pre-N against HomePlug AV, or holding out for municipal Wi-Fi or Verizon FIOS. And new home buyers are opting for gigabit Ethernet backbones and IP-based home control systems along with their cork flooring and granite countertops. Given how far weve come so fast, what will the next five years bring in digital home technology - real flying toasters? For answers, we turned to three industry prognosticators: Jed Johnson, senior director of system engineering at Motorola/CTO of HomePlug; Kurt Scherf, vice president and principal analyst at market research firm Parks Associates; and Chris Dobrec, director of worldwide strategy at Linksys.

Electronic House
May 29, 2007
WinHEC: Day Two Wrapup

On day two we learned more about the Vista driver rollout, HomePlug networking, and the Windows Home Server product.

PC Magazine
May 17, 2007
Adapter does 200Mbps networking via AC wiring

Actiontec Electronics has released its next-generation powerline networking kit based on the HomePlug AV standard for distributing large multimedia and data files around the home without Ethernet cabling. "MegaPlug AV" adapters can network computers, set-top boxes, and other devices at 200Mbps over existing home electrical wiring, according to the company.

Windows For Devices.com
May 16, 2007
Linksys PowerLine AV Ethernet Adapter Kit

The Linksys PowerLine AV Ethernet Adapter Kit is a great way to bridge your home network across your homes already built-in network, your electric lines. This Ethernet adapter kit allows you to bridge (10/100 Ethernet and power line networking) your internet connection anywhere in your house where there is an electrical outlet by sending secure packets of data over your power lines.

Consumer Electronics Net
May 16, 2007
No hot spot like home

The prospect of setting up a home wireless network comes with a high intimidation factor for lots of consumers, but in practice it's only slightly more complicated than nuclear physics.

May 15, 2007
Intel PCs to offer powerline networking by 2008

Intel plans to include support for the HomePlug networking technology as an optional feature for desktop platforms by 2008, the company revealed at its Intel Developer Forum in Beijing.

IT Week
April 17, 2007
Channel Vision Shows Powerline Audio, Modulator for Digital Cable

At EHX Spring 2007, Channel Vision showed a HomePlug-enabled multiroom audio system that uses the powerline to distribute music. The systems HomePlug technology is enabled by chipsets from Arkados. A HomePlug powerline adapter connects to the audio source(s) at the head-end, and powered speakers (or amplifiers) are at the listening locations. The existing AC wiring would carry not just the audio signals, but in the reverse direction, the IR commands for controlling the source equipment.

CE Pro Magazine
March 15, 2007