Consortium for SEP 2 Interoperability (CSEP) Approves Test Harness Software from QualityLogic

New Test Harness is the First Authorized for Testing Products Implementing the IEEE Standard 2030.5 (SEP 2) IP-based Application Profile for Smart Energy Management

Jan. 28, 2015
HomePlug Alliance holds Netricity interoperability event

The HomePlug Alliance, the worldwide industry group for powerline communications networking, announced that several of its member companies collaborated in a multi-vendor interoperability event for HomePlug Netricity technology.

Jan. 27, 2015
Smart Home Needs Big Players to Create Push & Pull

SMAhome has had the pleasure to sit down with HomePlug Alliance’s President, Rob Ranck to talk about their latest offerings for the connected home and his perspectives on the burgeoning smart home market.

Jan. 20, 2015
The essential guide to buying a HomePlug Ethernet adapter (including 6 hands-on reviews)

The products we tested are based on the HomePlug AV 500, AV2 and AV2 MIMO standards.

Jan. 15, 2015
Netgear XAVB5201 HomePlug Ethernet adapter review: Squeezing better performance from an old standard

Netgear’s current power-line offering is based on the HomePlug AV spec with enhancements that bring theoretical speeds up to 500 Mbps...

Jan. 15, 2015
TP-Link TL-PA6010KIT HomePlug adapter review: Very fast for HomePlug AV

Whatever TP-Link did to soup up the HomePlug AV adapters in its AV600 Gigabit Powerline Adapter Starter Kit, it definitely worked.

PC World
Jan. 15, 2015
Wi-Fi Drives Changes in the Home Networking Dynamic

Electricity and fragile broadband transmissions are a difficult mix. But the HomePlug Alliance keeps trying and is making progress. The group, which claims that more than 125 million devices on the market support its approach, unveiled the first HomePlug AV2 Certified products. It also announced an AV2 Certification program.

IT Business Edge
Jan. 12, 2015
D-Link picks Broadcom's HomePlug AV2 technology

Broadcom announced that its BCM60500 HomePlug AV2 (HPAV2) MIMO chip is the technology behind D-Link's new PowerLine AV2 2000 Gigabit Starter Kit for home networks.

Jan. 7, 2015
Broadcom, D-Link and Qualcomm Atheros get behind HomePlug AV2 MIMO certification program

A group of home networking-related vendors, including Broadcom, D-Link, Qualcomm Atheros and Lea Networks, have put their support behind the HomePlug AV2 multiple input multiple output (MIMO) certification program for powerline-based home networking products.

Jan. 6, 2015
CES 2015: TP-LINK AV1200 3-Port Gigabit Powerline Adapter

Today at CES, TP-LINK has announced the TL-PA8030 AV1200 Gigabit Powerline networking adapter. This product differentiates itself from previous offerings with “HomePlug AV2 MIMO”

PC Perspective
Jan. 6, 2015
CES 2015: TP-Link unveils AV1200 Gigabit Powerline Adapter

TP-Link has announced the TL-PA8030 AV1200 Gigabit Powerline Adapter, featuring the latest HomePlug AV2 standard with MIMO Powerline technology.

Jan. 6, 2015
Home networking products at CES 2015 (pictures)

There's great news for fans of faster connection speed. At CES 2015, there are new routers, power line adapters and accessories that can really supercharge your connected home.

Jan. 6, 2015
HomePlug Alliance announces HomePlug AV2 MIMO certification

Some of the key advancements of the HomePlug AV2 technology include: ideal backbone for hybrid home networks that must evolve to carry large amounts of data for Ultra HD Video and IoT applications, support for MIMO with beamforming, whole-home coverage with repeater functionality, power save modes, complete interoperability without degradation with HomePlug AV and HomePlug Green PHY devices, and enhanced support for Multiple Dwelling Unit (apartment) environments to maximise throughput of neighbouring networks.

Jan. 5, 2015
Netgear announces new tools for extending the range of your Wi-Fi network

The HomePlug Alliance recently finalized the HomePlug AV2 standard, which leverages MIMO (multiple input/multiple output) technology and beam forming. Where previous HomePlug AV devices carried data only on a pairing of the line and neutral wires of a power cable, HomePlug AV2 devices can make use of any pairing of the line, neutral, and ground wires.

Jan. 5, 2015
HomePlug Alliance CES 2015 Announcements

The Alliance announced the first HomePlug AV2 Certified products and availability of the HomePlug AV2 Certification program for powerline home networking products.

Small Net Builder
Jan. 5, 2015
High-end gateways and STBs crowding out broadband routers in some home networking markets

Market research firm Infonetics Research released excerpts from its latest Home Networking Devices report, which tracks broadband routers; residential gateways; set-top boxes (STBs); multimedia over coax (MoCA) optical network terminals (ONTs); and HomePlug Powerline, MoCA coax-Ethernet, and HPNA/ adapters.

Nov. 26, 2014
TRENDnet Powerline 500AV2 TPL-408E2K Network Adapter Kit Review

Tyler today puts the TRENDnet Powerline 500AV2 TPL-408E2K network adapter kit through its paces to see how it performs against other similar devices.

Nov. 21, 2014
Aztech HIPC700 HomePlug IP camera

...the camera uses powerline communications technology, meaning that it connects using power sockets. If you have a big home or a weak router, you can position the camera anywhere near a power socket, without having to worry about a weak wireless signal.

The Straits Times
Nov. 19, 2014
HomePlug Alliance demos new AV2 technology

Home networking standardisation body HomePlug Alliance is using this week’s Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam to demo multi-vendor interoperability of the next-generation HomePlug AV2 technology.

Digital TV Europe
Oct. 22, 2014
Nine 600 Mbps power-line kits compared: Battle against interference

Recent developments in the field of power-line adapters have been rather quick. A few years ago, everything was dedicated to the rise of the 500 Mbps models, whereas last year marked the appearance of adapters with integrated access points. Over the course of 2013, the first adapters that were based on the HomePlug AV2 standard also joined the club.

Hardware Info
Oct. 13, 2014