ZyXEL Delivers First All-In-One Gateway with Homeplug AV Technology

P-660HWP All-in-One ADSL2+ Security Gateway Enables High Speed Broadband Access and Network Connectivity For Digital Home Over PowerLine and Wireless

ZyXEL delivers first All-In-One gateway with Homeplug AV technology
P-660HWP All-in-One ADSL2+ Security Gateway Enables High Speed Broadband Access and Network Connectivity For Digital Home Over PowerLine and Wireless

CHICAGO, Ill., June 18, 2007
Continuing to equip the digital living room by enabling families to share multi-media entertainment in the home, ZyXEL Communications today announced its P-660HWP all-in-one ADSL2+ gateway, the first and only product in the market with built-in HomePlug® AV technology in a single device. The P-660HWP features a data rate of up to 200Mbps over the powerline to support quick transfer of high definition (HD) content. It is a convenient solution for telecommunications companies and ISPs that want to offer triple play services, including IPTV, phone and data, to residential users.

As the popularity of both IPTV and VoIP continues to grow, service providers require a home networking solution that can support these technologies without new wiring or extensive installation and deployment issues. In a typical residential scenario, the modem is not located close to the entertainment system. In these cases, HomePlug AV technology, with its fast data rate and ease-of-use, is the ideal solution for home networks to support the next generation of digital home applications.

Recognizing the demand for simplicity in the digital home, ZyXEL was the first to bring HomePlug AV PowerLine adapters to the market in October 2006. Now, ZyXEL delivers the first and only gateway in the market with a built-in HomePlug AV powerline adapter, giving residential users an extremely easy, plug-n-play method of connecting the set-top-box to the modem over powerlines without any additional wiring or setup.

"Plug-n-play simplicity, an abundance of power outlets and high stable throughput make HomePlug AV a very attractive option for home networking," said Munira Brooks, senior vice president of sales, marketing and business development at ZyXEL. "Our solution is a great option for telecommunications companies and ISPs that offer IPTV, because it has the stable bandwidth to run several streams of HD content and is extremely easy to set up. The P-660HWP also significantly reduces support costs associated with other networking technologies like wireless or wired Ethernet."

ZyXEL's P-660HWP series features a built-in HomePlug AV (HPAV) adapter that provides up to 200Mbps data rate for triple-play services. HPAV, with ultra high speed and advanced quality of service (QoS) features, is ideal for the distribution of data and multi-stream entertainment including HDTV, SDTV, and high fidelity audio throughout the home. HPAV-enabled devices simply plug in to a power outlet to communicate over existing power lines.

"There is high demand for all-in-one solutions, as consumers increasingly look to new technologies to help them simplify their digital lives," added Brooks. "The P-660HWP combines Internet access, the gateway and the router into one device, helping users to eliminate the tangle of wires by their computer stations."

The P-660HWP boasts speeds up to 24Mbps (ADSL2+) and also supports Reach-Extended ADSL (RE ADSL) for higher speed at longer distances. In addition, it provides 802.11g+ Wireless LAN connectivity along with four auto-sensing, auto-detecting 10/100BASE-T Ethernet ports for connection to the user's local network. With state-of-the-art Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall, the P-660HWP offers robust security against hackers, network intruders, and denial of service (DoS) attacks. The P-660HWP series also enables network administrators to allocate network resources and to guarantee QoS with built-in MBM (Media Bandwidth Management) features. Additionally, the P-660HWP can be easily configured, activated and managed from a TR-069 based system, helping service providers to effectively address the costs of deployment and support as well as tightly manage triple play service delivery.

Pricing and Availability
MSRP for the P-660HWP is $269.99 and will be available in July. ZyXEL's HomePlug AV product line is available directly through ZyXEL and from approved channel partners and Retail/E-tail outlets. For more information about ZyXEL's full product line, please call 1-800-255-4101.