Smallest D-Link Powerline Adapters Yet Extend Network Coverage to Every Corner of the Home

As smartphones and other connected devices explode in popularity, consumers today demand, more than ever before, a reliable Internet connection throughout their homes. This can be a challenge due to common obstacles such as thick stone walls, loft conversions, or interference with other devices. However, the new HomePlug certified Powerline AV Mini Adapter (DHP-310AV) and Powerline AV Mini Starter Kit (DHP-311AV), which includes two DHP-310AV adapters, make it incredibly easy for consumers to discreetly extend their wireless network to areas in the home where the signal may not normally reach, such as the basement or upper floors.

Simply plug the compact Powerline adapters into any electrical socket and they use existing home wiring to deliver a strong and reliable connection to devices far from the main router. At only 68mm high and 42.4mm wide these adapters are among the smallest and most streamlined ever, so they do not block neighbouring plug sockets.

Jocelyn Chung, VP of Marketing, D-Link Global Headquarters said "As part of our commitment to innovation we are continuously striving to improve our product portfolio to stay abreast of consumer needs. We have introduced our smallest Powerline adapters to eliminate Internet coverage dead spots while blending in to today's home environment. With support for the HomePlug standard, these new adapters will seamlessly integrate into any digital home, for a powerful connection around the house."

The Powerline AV Mini Starter Kit is aimed at users setting up Powerline for the first time, while the individual Powerline AV Mini Adapter is ideal for those extending their Powerline network even further around their home. Both are ideal for consumers who want to go online to browse, shop, email, or download music without having to think about where in their home they can get the best connection on their laptop, tablet, smartphone, or gaming console. The adapters provide data transfer rates of 200 Mbps, suitable for high-bandwidth applications like VoIP calls, media streaming, and online gaming.

The DHP-310AV does not compromise on security. An encryption key can be quickly configured at the push of a button, using 128-bit AES data encryption to protect the network from unauthorised access. The adapters are furthermore part of D-Link Green, D-Link's program for providing eco-friendly alternatives without compromising performance. A power-saving mode automatically places the adapter in sleep mode if no data transmission or reception occurs over a certain period of time, reducing power usage and helping cut utility bills. Finally, the DHP-310AV offers full compatibility with any other HomePlug-compliant device.

Powerline AV Mini Adapter (DHP-310AV):
200 Mbps data transfer rates over existing electrical wiring
Compact design: plugs discreetly into any electrical power socket
Simple Connect button for one-touch security
D-Link Green: energy-saving design
HomePlug certified

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