Gigle Semiconductor's Entertainment-Grade System-on-Chip Family Secures HomePlug Powerline Networking Certification

Gigle solution positions HomePlug® AV as the only high definition-class powerline communications technology to have more than one certified silicon vendor

Redwood City, CA; Barcelona, Spain and Edinburgh, UK - April 29, 2009 - Gigle Semiconductor, the leading developer of "any wire" multimedia home networking solutions, today announced that its GGL541 and GGL301 system-on-chip integrated circuits have been certified HomePlug® AV-compliant by the HomePlug Powerline Alliance. The availability of alternative sources of supply that deliver entertainment-grade performance and reliability is expected to further accelerate the adoption of HomePlug® AV, and provide consumer and IT product companies with the confidence to embed devices in a broad range of products.

"The ability to reliably deliver high-definition content to any location in the home is the holy grail of home entertainment networking," said Juan Carlos Riveiro, president and CEO of Gigle. "Combining the proven capability of HomePlug® AV on powerline with Gigle's mediaxtream 1Gbps technology on any wire provides consumers with vastly more robust coverage and higher data throughput than any other solution available today."

Gigle's system-on-chip family comprises two devices which are interoperable with other certified HomePlug® AV integrated circuits. The GGL541 dual-channel integrated circuit combines HomePlug® AV on powerline with a second channel delivering Gigle's mediaxtream 1Gbps technology simultaneously on powerline, coaxial cable or phone line. The two channels form a self-configuring mesh network that increases network coverage and reliability. The GGL301 is a pure HomePlug® AV device. Unlike alternative two- or three-device chipsets, both of Gigle's devices are fully integrated single chip solutions that combine the analog front end, digital signal processing and memory on a single die. This optimizes system product cost and makes it easier to embed Gigle's devices inside consumer electronics and IT products.

While other home networking technologies make use of only one medium - powerline, coaxial cable or phoneline -- Gigle's flagship device, the GGL541, can operate on two media simultaneously. Using two media significantly improves overall network reliability as signal inhibitors on one media can be bypassed on the other. Also, the number of network points increases so that every power socket and every coaxial cable or phone socket is a network connection point.

"Gigle's certification is a significant milestone for the HomePlug® AV standard and the multimedia home networking market," said Rob Ranck, president of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance. "HomePlug continues to be the only global powerline networking alliance with certified products from multiple chip vendors. Product developers and service providers can deploy HomePlug® AV with the assurance that comes with alternative sources of supply."

Products based on GGL541 and GGL301 are expected to be available to consumers later in 2009.

About Gigle Semiconductor:
Gigle Semiconductor provides system-on-chip integrated circuits for multimedia home networking over any wire - powerline, coaxial cable, and phoneline. Targeted for applications such as IPTV, BBTV, VoD, and VoIP, Gigle's integrated circuits offer superior performance, coverage and quality of service than alternative communication technologies, and are designed to be easily integrated in consumer electronics and IT products. Gigle is a strong supporter of open standards and an active participant in IEEE P1901 and ITU-T wireline standardization initiatives. Gigle has offices in Redwood City, CA; Barcelona, Spain and Edinburgh, UK. Additional information about the company is available at

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