Eco-friendly response - Saves power consumption by up to 60% in standby mode

SINGAPORE, 28 MAY 2009 - Aztech Electronics Pte Ltd today unveiled an eco-friendly addition to its 200Mbps HomePlug AV line up with the introduction of a new-improved HL110E (Intellon INT6400 chipset) that enables energy to be used more efficiently. Without compromising on performance, when an Ethernet device connected to HL110E is shut down, HL110E detects the shutdown mode and switches to energy saving mode, saving up to 60% energy for the user.

"The Intellon INT6400 has the lowest power consumption of any HomePlug AV-class IC, meets European 2011 Code of Conduct requirements for adapters and delivers higher TCP throughput and improved Quality of Service (QoS), which is important for distribution of video around the home," said Rick Furtney, president and COO of Intellon. "Consumers want home connectivity that delivers entertainment-grade video and content sharing throughout their home, without having to install new wiring and without consuming a lot of power and this new INT6400-based Aztech powerline adapter meets all those requirements."

The installation process is simple as the product works straight out from the box - simply plug Aztech HL110E into any wall socket and watch it work like a portable network point, streaming huge video, photo files, HD IPTV and other high bandwidth content at up to 200Mbps throughout the entire home.

Comments Michael Mun, Group CEO and Chairman, "Powerline technology revolutionizes the way computers, game consoles and entertainment gadgets are connected in the home in an easy and fuss-free manner. Our new-improved Aztech HL110E is a high-performance networking solution that also works as an energy-saving powerline solution. Connecting your devices with Aztech HL110E is not only secure and easy but an eco-friendly way to enjoy streaming your content."

Aztech HL110E is shipped with the following features:

- High-speed 200Mbps allows streaming of high-bandwidth content such as HD IPTV, huge photo and video files.

- The innovative "Simple Connect" security feature allows the user to conveniently pair and secure multiple HomePlugs by a simple push of a button.

- Multi-LED indicators assist users to identify the performance profile of the HomePlug.

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Press contact:
Diana Neo
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