VisualGate Systems Launches PL-VUE the Worlds First Commercial Surveillance Video over Powerline Solution

VisualGate Systems Launches PL-VUE the World's First Commercial
Surveillance Video over Powerline Solution

Toronto June 4, 2007 VisualGate Systems today announced that they have launched a revolutionary new application for security surveillance video utilizing Powerline technology. This innovative new digital video security application called PL-VUE, is the first to be introduced for commercial use, and provides a unique solution to the rapidly expanding security marketplace.

The PL-VUE system provides a secure, commercial-grade video surveillance solution utilizing Powerline embedded IP technology based on HomePlug compliant standards. This easy-toinstall system transmits digital video over existing AC wiring in a building, offering increased portability, scalability and signal protection. The network digital video recorder supports up to 16 cameras at 30 fps per camera, while the video monitoring, recording and management software will allow advanced search and retrieval, smart motion detection, multi-level access and remote viewing over the Internet. The digital video encoder has both Powerline and Ethernet capabilities providing an opportunity to create hybrid solutions where existing Ethernet networks are already in place, but where there is a need to expand capacity.

"VisualGate Systems is a pioneer in the development of commercial-grade Powerline based video surveillance solutions," said David Kerzner, President and CEO of VisualGate Systems.

"PL-VUE will offer an alternative to security dealers and installers by eliminating extensive cabling required for surveillance video applications, thereby making installations easier for all sizes of enterprises. With the ability to transmit secure, encrypted video signals over the existing electrical wiring in the building, the costs of cabling requirements and installation will be reduced dramatically, and new opportunities will be opened up for sites that otherwise may not have had the capacity to install traditional surveillance video."

The Company's competitive edge results from its extensive knowledge of the unique needs of the security industry and the application of this knowledge in the development of our Surveillance Video over Powerline (SVOP) solutions.

VisualGate Systems is capitalizing on the convergence of two very large high-growth industries, video surveillance and Powerline-based communications. The synergy between these two industries provides unique opportunities for the security market, and also enables the introduction of surveillance video over Powerline into the global markets of commercial enterprises, government and residential applications.

About VisualGate Systems Inc.
VisualGate Systems Inc. is a market leader in the development and manufacturing of security grade video surveillance products and solutions over Powerline for commercial, government and residential applications. Both hardware and software solutions enable the reliable, commercial grade transmission of high quality audio and video signals over existing electrical wiring in any building, without having to run any video or LAN type cabling. Headquartered in Toronto, VisualGate Systems has international representation and serves a customer base around the globe. For more information about VisualGate Systems and its products, please visit the website at