Intellon Corporation Proposal Selected by U.S. Department of Energy for Smart Grid Investment Grant Award

- Intellon project one of 100 proposals selected by the DoE from 400 submitted.

Orlando, Fla., October 28, 2009 - Intellon Corporation (Nasdaq: ITLN), a leading provider of HomePlug®-compatible integrated circuits (ICs) for home networking, networked entertainment, Ethernet-over-Coax (EoC) and smart grid applications, today announced that its application for funding in response to the U.S. Smart Grid Investment Grant Funding Opportunity Announcement has been selected for award negotiations by the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE). Intellon's proposal to modify existing power line communications integrated circuits (ICs) to enhance smart grid functionality is one of 100 projects selected under the $3.4 billion Smart Grid Investment Grant program announced by President Obama to modernize the U.S. power grid. Intellon is the only semiconductor company to have a proposal selected by the DoE under this program.

Intellon received notification yesterday from the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability that its "HomePlug Green PHY Integrated Circuit Development" project was among the proposals selected. If the award negotiations with the DoE are successful, Intellon will receive $4.9 million of U.S. Recovery Act funding for the project. Intellon will contribute an additional $4.9 million in matching funds for a total investment of $9.8 million.

Intellon's proposal provides for the company to modify existing powerline technology to develop a new integrated circuit specifically designed and manufactured to meet the data rate, power, cost and reliability requirements for communications over home powerlines to support the emerging smart grid infrastructure. The new IC will be based on the "Green PHY" powerline communications specification that is expected to be finalized by the HomePlug Powerline Alliance later this year. The HomePlug "Green PHY" specification modifies the industry-leading HomePlug AV powerline technology to create a lower data rate, lower power and lower cost smart grid solution. ICs built to the "Green PHY" specification will be interoperable with HomePlug AV ICs, greatly expanding the functionality and flexibility of home area networks.

The new ICs will communicate across existing electrical wiring in the home (120/240 VAC, or 24 VAC low voltage wiring to thermostats), enabling smart meters, energy usage display monitors, programmable communicating thermostats, smart appliances and other electrically powered equipment to transmit usage data and receive control signals. This will enable households to monitor and better understand energy usage so they can take steps to minimize monthly energy bills.

"Our Green PHY HomePlug powerline technology will be a basic but vital communications tool for the smart grid, allowing better energy management by utilities and customers," said Charlie Harris, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Intellon Corporation. "We look forward to finalizing this award with the DoE and beginning work on this important project."

"With millions of ICs already deployed around the world in a variety of markets and applications, Intellon's HomePlug powerline technology is being increasingly specified for smart grid applications due to its reliable and proven communications capability," Harris added.

About Intellon Corporation
Intellon (Nasdaq: ITLN) is a market leader in powerline communications, providing HomePlug® compliant and other powerline integrated circuits for home networking, networked entertainment, BPL access, Ethernet-over-Coax (EoC), smart grid management and other commercial applications. Intellon created and patented the baseline technology for HomePlug 1.0, and is a major contributor to the baseline technology for the 200-Mbps PHY-rate HomePlug AV powerline standard and the draft IEEE P1901 powerline standard. With more than 35 million HomePlug-based ICs sold, Intellon is the market share leader in the HomePlug IC market. The Company was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, with offices in Ocala, Florida, San Jose, California and Toronto, Canada. For additional information, visit

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