Plaster Networks Supports Broadband Forum's TR-069 CPE WAN Management Protocol

Offers Service Providers Powerful Remote Management and Easy Administration of Powerline Network Adapters

Menlo Park, CA - April 12, 2010 - Plaster Networks ( announces its support for Broadband Forum's TR-069 technical specification as part of the company's powerline Ethernet solution. Service providers can now take advantage of Plaster Networks advanced service for automated configuration, management, and provisioning of subscribers' home powerline networks through their existing ACS (automated configuration server).

TR-069 defines a communication protocol for the remote management of customer premise equipment - an important development for the faster deployment time and troubleshooting of home networks.

Plaster Networks Service enables a reliable, managed home network supporting a high-speed Ethernet connection in virtually any room in the house via existing electrical wiring. Plaster Networks provides remote management and diagnostics that can help service providers control support costs and reduce "truck rolls" associated with home network issues. Integration with ACS systems offers significant investment protection for existing OSS software to manage powerline adapters within the home. Visit

Service providers can enable any existing HomePlug AV network for remote management by adding a Plaster Networks PLN3 unit, or swapping in a PLN3 unit for one of the existing adapters. This capability provides a simple, convenient way to manage an installed base of HomePlug AV adapters using TR-069.

"Over 30 service providers worldwide have deployed Atheros' HomePlug AV powerline technology for in-home distribution of IPTV services," said Todd Antes, Vice President of Marketing, Digital Home of Atheros Communications. "We expect Plaster Networks' TR-069 solution incorporating Atheros' INT6400 HPAV powerline technology will enhance the performance of IPTV networks to drive greater efficiencies for service providers."

"When 35% of service provider support calls are related to home networking issues, you know there is enormous upside for cable and IPTV operators to troubleshoot and diagnose remotely," comments Gary Schultz, President of San Jose, Calif.-based Multimedia Research Group. "The TR-069 standard is a critical step to making this a more common occurrence especially across the numerous devices being used in homes."

"Service Providers are growing increasingly dependent on a reliable home network to deliver advanced content such as IPTV services," comments Jeff Scroggin, CEO of Plaster Networks. "Plaster Networks provides service providers with the reliability they need in a home network, at the same time helping to dramatically reduce support costs through remote management and diagnostics. With our support for the TR-069 protocol, service providers can now integrate these remote management capabilities with their existing ACS software."

About Plaster Networks
Plaster Networks delivers on the full promise of powerline networking by providing a more reliable network for home multimedia applications, such as streaming video and IPTV, using existing AC wiring. Unlike other offerings, Plaster Networks provides an intelligent powerline adapter that includes a dedicated network processor for network management, configuration, diagnostics and troubleshooting. Plaster Networks offers a reliable alternative or extension to wireless networks and a more cost-effective alternate to installing Ethernet cables into walls.

Plaster Networks was founded by Paul Baran, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur widely known as the inventor of packet switching, the foundation technology for the Internet. For more information, visit


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