Actiontec Simplifies Home Networking with MegaPlug AV, New Powerline Networking Kit Based on Next-Gen HomePlug AV Standard

No New Cabling Needed; Faster File Transfer Than Wireless

Actiontec Electronics has released the MegaPlug AV 200 Mbps Ethernet Adapter Kit, a next-generation powerline networking solution based on the new HomePlug AV standard for distributing large entertainment and data files around the home without the expense of pulling Ethernet cable. Multiple MegaPlug AV adapters can be used to connect computers, set top boxes and other devices over existing home electrical wiring for high-speed transfer of conventional data files as well as HDTV or standard definition TV programs or movies, photo albums, music collections, and other rich media.

Each MegaPlug AV kit comes with two Ethernet adapters that can be used either to build a new home network or to extend an existing network to areas of the house that are difficult to reach with Ethernet cabling or wireless signals. One adapter is needed for each device to be networked.

Use of the new HomePlug AV technology enables throughput speeds that are more than twice as fast as the previous generation of HomePlug technology, at least double that of 802.11g wireless connectivity, and approaching wired Ethernet levels. In addition, the new HomePlug standard provides enhanced 128-bit AES security to prevent neighbors from accessing personal files or Internet connections, plus enhanced quality-of-service features designed to combat the latency, jitter and electrical interference problems associated with broadband delivery of video streams.

To set up the network, users simply plug one MegaPlug AV adapter into a power outlet near the broadband home router, plug the other into a power outlet near the PC or other Ethernet-equipped device, and connect both the router and the device to the respective adapters with the Ethernet cables included in the package. If the home has an existing network, the HomePlug technology will instantly add that device for sharing of Internet connections, peripherals and files. If the kit is being used to build a new network, more adapters can be used to add up to 16 devices.

Each adapter measures just 2.25" wide, 3.25" tall and 2" thick, making it small enough to be used without interfering with adjacent outlets. It comes with a default password that can be changed to set up multiple home networks or to enhance security.

The Actiontec MegaPlug AV 200 Mbps Ethernet Adapter Kit is available immediately at for $169.99. Each kit includes two Ethernet adapters, two Ethernet cables, a quick start guide, an installation CD, a user manual CD, and instructions for changing the encryption key. The adapters are compatible with any wired or wireless broadband router or gateway and any PC running Microsoft Windows 2000, XP or Vista.

About Actiontec Electronics, Inc.
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