nVoy Certification Now Ready for Hybrid Home Networking Products

Certifications Can Now Be Planned for HomePlug, Wi-Fi, MoCA® and Ethernet Products Implementing the IEEE 1905.1 Standard

AMSTERDAM - October 16, 2013 - Broadband World Forum 2013 - Establishing the certification regime for hybrid home networking is a major step forward for the nVoy program. The test house has been selected, and the certification test plan has been verified against several silicon platforms to validate product interoperability. nVoy Certification is now primed to take hybrid networking to the next phase of growth.

By providing a common communication protocol, nVoy Certified products will enable service providers and consumers to leverage the strengths of the wired and wireless networking technologies prevalent in many homes today. Products with nVoy Certification will support and foster enhanced yet simplified interactions between MoCA®, Wi-Fi, HomePlug and Ethernet technologies, along with several advanced capabilities to enhance performance and service provider requirements.

National Technical Systems (NTS) has been selected as the initial nVoy authorized test laboratory to validate product interoperability and compliance to the IEEE 1905.1 specification. "The hybrid networking market is poised for growth, and NTS is pleased to contribute its knowledge and experience to helping to ensure interoperability and certification testing for nVoy products," said Osman Sakr, CTO at NTS. The nVoy Certification program will be available to members of HomePlug® Alliance, Wi-Fi Alliance® and MoCA and will require PHY/MAC certification(s) from the appropriate alliance(s) as a prerequisite.

HomePlug Alliance will be hosting a meeting area at Broadband World Forum, 22-24 October 2013 in Amsterdam which will include the first public demonstration of nVoy hybrid networking interoperability. Meetings are now being scheduled with members of the media as well as service providers, OEMs/ODMs and others interested in discussions regarding this and other HomePlug technology milestones.

"HomePlug Alliance is pleased to be at the forefront of driving the nVoy program to fruition," said Rob Ranck, President, HomePlug Alliance. "We have seen strong interest in this program, and we are eager to address the intensifying networking needs of the marketplace with nVoy Certified products."

Companies interested in nVoy Certification may sign-up for more information about product testing by visiting www.nVoy.org.

About the HomePlug® Alliance

HomePlug® Alliance is a group of about 60 companies working together to develop technology specifications and certification & logo programs for powerline networking. With over 100 million devices in the market, HomePlug products are used worldwide by consumers and service providers to improve home networking performance while expanding coverage and Wi-Fi® mobility.

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Sponsor members include Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ: BRCM); Cisco (CSCO); Duke Energy (NYSE: DUK); MStar Semiconductor Inc.; Qualcomm Atheros, a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated; and STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM).

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