Sineoji Brings Unparalleled Speed Capabilities with World’s first 1800Mbps Gigabit MIMO HomePlug

Singapore – 19 August 2014 – Sineoji Asia Pte Ltd, networking solutions provider to home users and small-medium enterprises, today announced the launch of the world’s first 1800Mbps Gigabit MIMO HomePlug, heralding the next generation of high-speed powerline adapters. Designed with unparalleled speed capabilities, Sineoji PL1800E allows powerline networking users in Singapore to be amongst the first in the world to experience prime performance of their powerline networks.

The superior HomePlug delivers breakneck gigabit-class speeds with Multiple Input and Multiple Output (MIMO) beamforming technology. MIMO beamforming gives users the additional benefit of increased signal coverage in the home, enabling high-speed multimedia HD content distribution to every electrical outlet for HD media streaming and lag-free online gaming.

“We are delighted that Sineoji 1800Mbps Gigabit MIMO HomePlug demonstrates the brand's position to lead product innovations in the market. The exclusive availability of 1800Mbps Gigabit MIMO HomePlug sets us apart from competition. Sineoji PL1800E will certainly excite users and dramatically enhance user experience.” said Mr. Dean Tan, country manager.

Commenting on the company’s progress, Mr. Kwon Dae-Yun, managing director, said, “Since our entry to the HomePlug powerline industry in late 2013, we’ve experienced a steady growth path due to continuous demand from fibre-broadband and high-speed broadband subscribers. We are pleased that Sineoji has enjoyed strong retailer support, growing consumer demand and robust sales in retail stores and during consumer IT shows. Consumer acceptance of Sineoji speaks of the quality and service standards the brand delivers.”

Key features:

-Unsurpassed Gigabit-class powerline rate
-Support for MIMO (Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output) technology
-Whole home coverage with inherent repeater functionality
-Supports HD media streaming on set-top box, game console, Internet TV and Android media player
-Interoperable with HomePlug AV2 and HomePlug AV
-Seamless integration
-No new wires
-Energy saving
-Plug and Play