Telekom Austria selects devolo's dLAN Highspeed in house powerline adapters

Aachen, August 9, 2007. Telekom Austria is to offer devolo's in-house powerline adapters for sale in their shops and online outlets and from their sales partners. Telekom Austria aims to offer its customers an alternative to WLAN technology for extending DSL beyond the phone socket, i.e. for Internet throughout the home.

Wireless LAN technology is widespread in the Austrian market. With the dLAN Highspeed adapters, Telekom Austria is supplementing their WLAN offerings with a useful alternative for extending Internet access, one which offers even more convenient Internet access and even complete home networking. These adapters from devolo provide secure data transfer via in-house powerlines and are completely unaffected by thick walls or ceilings within a house or apartment. With data-transfer rates of 85 Mbps, the dLAN Highspeed adapters provide a fast Internet connection to any power outlet in the house, even for users without technical expertise. A further advantage is that the technology is expandable; simply plugging in additional adapters allows further PCs to be integrated into the network.

dLAN technology as the cost-effective and simple alternative

Not only is the configuration of dLAN technology easier, it offers a wider range of applications and better transmission quality as well. Walls and ceilings are no barrier to the dLAN adapters and no new cables have to be laid. Customers installing their devolo dLAN Highspeed adapters for the first time will enjoy the experience of true Plug and Play. "Our products solve the problems of networking in the home and, what's more, they are installed in under a minute."

Future standard solutions for in-house networks

The dLAN adapters from devolo are based on HomePlug technology. This is an international standard which is supported by companies like Sony, Samsung, Intel and Motorola. By using high-quality hardware, dLAN products are able to meet any of the demanding requirements of a modern, high-performance in-house network. "dLAN is on the way to becoming the future backbone of in-house networks. This is why we are sure that a growing number of customers will decide for dLAN products from devolo," adds Heiko Harbers.

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