HomePlug Alliance Announces Key Speakers for 2011 Conference Addressing Top Industry Themes - the Connected Digital Home, Smart Energy and HomePlug Technology Innovation 19 Oct 2011
Ford Motor Company and General Motors Add Support for HomePlug Technology for Electric Vehicle Charging Communications Across Europe and United States 18 Oct 2011
HomePlug Alliance Announces Netricity Powerline Communications Targeting Smart Meter to Grid Applications 04 Oct 2011
HomePlug Alliance Announces 2011 Conference, November 8-9 in San Francisco 15 Aug 2011
HomePlug Alliance, Wi-Fi Alliance, HomeGrid Forum and ZigBee Alliance Lead Development of Breakthrough Certification Program for Smart Energy Profile 2 01 Aug 2011
HomePlug Powerline Alliance Responds to Booming Interest Among Asia's Equipment and Design Manufacturers 13 Jul 2011
HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Announces Support for IEEE P1905 Convergent Digital Home Network Standard 20 Jun 2011
HomePlug Powerline Alliance Announces Support from Global German Auto Manufacturers for HomePlug GP Specification 31 May 2011
New Reports from Infonetics Research, Pike Research and In-Stat Affirm Industry Leadership of HomePlug® Technology 09 May 2011
HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Displays Industry Leadership at IP&TV World Forum 01 Mar 2011
Broadcom Corporation Joins HomePlug Powerline Alliance Board of Directors 04 Jan 2011
HomePlug Powerline Alliance Hits Key Milestones in 2010 and Demonstrates Industry Leading Technology at CES 2011 04 Jan 2011
Leading Home Appliance Manufacturers Recommend HomePlug Technology for Smart Grid Solutions 15 Nov 2010
Wi-Fi Alliance® and HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Collaborate on Connected Smart Home 02 Nov 2010
HomePlug Certifies Products Based On Newly Ratified IEEE 1901 Powerline Networking Standard 17 Oct 2010
The HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Conducts Second Annual "Plugfest" for High Speed Powerline Networking Chipsets 14 Sep 2010
HomePlug Powerline Alliance Announces Revolutionary Advancements for Next-Generation Powerline Networks 28 Jul 2010
HomePlug Powerline Alliance's Green PHY Specification for Smart Grid Applications Published 14 Jun 2010
STMicroelectronics Joins HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Board of Directors 24 May 2010
HomePlug Powerline Technology Joins the Global Family of IEEE Standards 19 Apr 2010