HomePlug® 1.0 Technology Integrated into New TIA-1113 International Standard by Telecommunications Industry Association 28 May 2008
HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Announces Doubling of HomePlug Product Shipments from Eight Million to 16 Million in Last 12 Months 04 Mar 2008
HomePlug®/Panasonic® Proposal for Powerline Communications Moves Towards a Ubiquitous IEEE Standard 27 Feb 2008
HomePlug Powerline Alliance Demonstrates New Innovations at CES 2008 as HomePlug Global Shipments Now Exceed 15 Million Products 07 Jan 2008
HomePlug Alliance Adds to Growing List of HomePlug Certified Products 17 Dec 2007
HomePlug/Panasonic Merged Proposal Takes the First Step in Becoming a Worldwide Standard through the Efforts of the IEEE P1901 Work Group 29 Oct 2007
HomePlug Powerline Alliance Names Frederic Onado Vice President, EMEA 28 Oct 2007
HomePlug® Powerline Alliance to Share Recent News and Viewpoints at HomePlug European Executive Seminar 2007 28 Oct 2007
More Than 40 Products Pass HomePlug® Powerline Alliance AV Certification 09 Oct 2007
HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Announces Intent to Certify IEEE 1901 Products Based on Its Recent Merged Proposal 08 Oct 2007
HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Board of Directors Ratifies HomePlug Command and Control 1.0 Specification 07 Oct 2007
Founder and CEO of The Diffusion Group, Michael Greeson, to Headline Session at HomePlug Powerline Technology Conference 04 Oct 2007
HomePlug Powerline Alliance and Panasonic Submit a Merged Proposal to the IEEE P1901 Work Group for BPL 27 Sep 2007
RadioShack Chairman and CEO, BusinessWeek Technology Pundit, and Cisco-Linksys Engineering Leader to Keynote 2007 HomePlug Powerline Technology Conference 17 Sep 2007
HomePlug® Powerline Technology Finds Large Audience for Multimedia Distribution at CEDIA EXPO 2007 05 Sep 2007
HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Welcomes New Contributor Members Huawei Technologies and Corporate Systems Engineering 16 Jul 2007
HomePlug Powerline Alliance Announces Dates for HomePlug AV Certification Plugfest 11 Jul 2007
HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Holds Third HomePlug Executive Seminar to Discuss the Ever-Growing Interest in Powerline Networking in Japan 23 Jun 2007
DSL Forum Includes HomePlug® Technology in their Broadband Home Specifications 05 Jun 2007
DSLフォーラム、ホームプラグ(HomePlug)技術を TR-069 準拠レジデンシャル・ゲートウェイに採用 31 May 2007