General Electric Joins HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Implementers' Forum Board of Directors 26 Sep 2005
HomePlug® Powerline Technology Conference Launches with Global Vision and Leadership 26 Sep 2005
Motorola Joins Tier 1 Industry Leaders to Keynote HomePlug® Technology Conference 13 Sep 2005
Linksys Executive Joins Intel and Bell Canada for Keynotes at HomePlug® Technology Conference 08 Sep 2005
HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Enters a New Phase to Fulfill Industry Vision for Connected Home 23 Aug 2005
HomePlug® AV Specification Approved by Alliance Board 17 Aug 2005
Key Leaders in the Connected Home Industry to Gather at the HomePlug® Powerline Technology Conference 01 Aug 2005
HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Invites Companies to Help Establish Command & Control Standard 28 Jul 2005
HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Creates Universal Co-existence Solution for Powerline Communications 05 Jul 2005
HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Announces Specification Effort for Low-cost Command and Control Technologies 08 Mar 2005
HomePlug Powerline Alliance Showcases HomePlug AV Technology at CeBIT 2005 06 Mar 2005
UPLC & HomePlug® Agree to Work Together 21 Feb 2005
The HomePlug Powerline Alliance selects France Telecom's turbo code program in its AV specification. 07 Feb 2005
HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Selects Baseline Technology for HomePlug BPL Specification 06 Jan 2005
HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Announces New Members and Launches a New Utility Class Membership 05 Jan 2005
Samsung Joins Leadership of HomePlug Powerline Alliance 04 Jan 2005
HomePlug® AV Standard Builds on Global Success of HomePlug 1.0 technology for Whole House Distribution of Digital Media 04 Jan 2005