Look for the HomePlug® Certification mark when purchasing your powerline networking products!

HomePlug Certified Logo.png

HomePlug Certified products work together.
Be sure that all of your powerline products carry matching HomePlug Certified logos.

The HomePlug specifications, on which all Certified products are based, were rigorously tested, proving interoperability, coexistence, compatibility, and the efficiency of the HomePlug technology. 

Products that are certified to the current HomePlug AV standard are interoperable with other HomePlug™ AV Certified products. 

Member companies are dedicated to providing the highest quality products, and the Alliance issues certification marks to those products that pass the certification program.

Whether the product is a piece of networking equipment (such as a hub, router, or bridge), a networked video camera, or a HomePlug Certified MP3 player that streams music from a HomePlug Certified media server, the certification mark tells you which products will work together seamlessly.

Is your company building powerline networking products?

If so, it is essential that your products meet the HomePlug specification and pass the certification program. This is the only way you can carry the certification mark, which consumers recognize as confirmation that the product works together with other HomePlug Certified products.

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