As of December 2011, the HomePlug AV2 specification was released for next-generation powerline networking. It’s now faster than ever to handle the most demanding online services and applications. HomePlug AV2 is based on more than a decade of real-world experience and extensive field tests validating in-home coverage and performance across five countries with wide variances in home construction.

Icon Download the whitepaper: HomePlug AV2 Technology (1.1 MB)  - Raising the Bar for Sustained High-Throughput Performance and Interoperability for Multi-stream Networking Using Existing Powerline Wiring in the Home


HomePlug AV2 technology supports next-generation broadband speeds, making it ideal for Internet video, multi-room IPTV, online gaming and other high demand networking uses, particularly when using multiple 4K Ultra HD devices simultaneously.


Expanded Coverage and Performance

  • Enhances delivery of 4K Ultra HD video streams throughout the home
  • Anticipates move towards ultra-high-speed broadband access and services
  • Ideal backbone for hybrid networks with Wi-Fi

Key Features

  • Support for MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) with beamforming - Doubles rate coverage
  • Whole-home coverage with repeater functionality
  • High-definition video and audio support without noticeable dropouts or artifacts
  • Complete interoperability without degradation with HomePlug AV and HomePlug Green PHY™ devices
  • Power save: Active, Standby and Idle

View our infographic for more information on HomePlug AV2 technology's features:


The following video shows a demonstration of HomePlug AV2 technology in action:

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